Chatting with Leng Rabbit on NFT: From WEB2 to WEB3 XRC universe is just beginning

Crypto Punk is rebellious...

The Boring Ape (BAYC) is a little gloomy...

Cold RabbitNever back...

If you are an emoji player, there may be Leng Rabbit lying in your favorites at the moment. Might as well open it up and take a look, maybe the heart-warming days of "trust the cold rabbit, don't get heatstroke" and "trust the cold rabbit, don't fall into the class" will come back.

We are familiar with the first two. Crypto’s native avatar NFT is famous for being out of the circle and being open to the community; Lengtu is a bit different in comparison. It comes from Web2 and is preparing to shoot at Web3.

The wording may be a bit exaggerated, but senior NFT players may have heard of it. Recently, the Chinese Crypto circle seems to be vying for the whitelist of NFT-XRC created by the Lengtu team. The founder Yi Shuihan even went to dissuade users from Fomo.

I'm curious why he would say that? After all, Fomo is an important part of value "discovery".

In this regard, Mr. Yi replied: "Of course we do not reject Fomo, but we don't want everyone to follow the trend purely from hype and speculation. You can first learn about XRC, and then decide whether you like it or not, and then use it and hold it. have it."

Yes, understanding is important, and that's the purpose of this article.

From Cold Rabbit to XRC
From comics to emoticons to short humorous videos, Lengtu's expression has been continuously upgraded in recent years. At present, there are nearly 65 million fans on the entire network, and there are many peripherals for sale, which can be called the ancient IP of Web2.

Yi Shuihan said in an interview: " The content of Leng Rabbit is produced based on topic scenarios, and some of the content is generated through interaction with users and has a strong resonance. Once there is such resonance, it will form a spontaneous communication ." .

Although the word Meme did not exist at the time, this seemed to be the core of Meme.

In 2017, the founding team held another exhibition titled "The Corridor of Time and Space - Leng Rabbit Meets Famous Paintings Theme Art Exhibition" in Hangzhou. The characters in many well-known paintings at home and abroad, such as the girl with a pearl earring, were boldly replaced and integrated by Lengtu, which made the popular IP on the Internet instantly become more artistic, and let Lengtu go from online to offline.

And this year, it has moved from Web2 to the Web, which makes people sigh, how good the team can toss!

After the interview, it was found that the reason behind their tossing is actually the pursuit of creating a global IP. "Our ideal is to hope that Lengtu can one day spread Chinese culture to the world through good stories, good carriers and good business operations, like Disney and Pixar," said Yi Shuihan.

Fortunately, this ideal began to ferment after encountering the borderless "Crypto".

On January 7, Cobo co-founder Shenyu posted on social media that Cobo and comic IP Lengtu have reached a cooperation, and users who hold Cobo's fourth-anniversary NFT can preferentially obtain the XRC project whitelist created by Lengtu.

In the following days, XRC's popularity on social platforms such as Twitter, Weibo, and Discord.

XRC's full name is X Rabbits Club. Although it inherits the most primitive basic appearance of Leng Rabbit, it is a new "species" born for Allin Crypto.

Yi Shuihan joked that if you want, you can understand XRC as Leng Rabbit’s imitation disk in Crypto.

Imitation disk? At first glance, there is a feeling of taking the old IP to Crypto for secondary realization of traffic.

But in fact, XRC did not attack Web2 traffic, but anchored the target users to NFT players. Previously, XRC also cooperated with the native encryption community to provide holders of native NFTs such as Boring Ape and Cobo 4th Anniversary NFT. Open whitelist.

This approach not only attracts players' attention, but also gives the Lengtu team the opportunity to announce their Allin Crypto determination - Never back!

From Web2-Web3
Why Never back?

This may have to start with the former Slogan of the Lengtu team who "delivered happiness with heart".

Mr. Yi said that the operation of Lengtu comes from the original intention of not only making users feel happy, but also making himself feel happy. It is the right thing. Even if it is difficult for the right thing, he will never look back. At present, All in The same goes for Crypto.

This sounds like a bit of a slap in the face, and we asked if it wasn't enough rogue? Not mourning enough? Or not enough Cyrpto? Not enough Web3? Not even international enough?

Mr. Yi responded like a "cold rabbit", saying: "From Web2 to Web3 itself is a global exploration, XRC will not make up stories, we just use "self" to narrate - in limited Under the rules, take yourself as an example, find a way to show people in both worlds, and at the same time prove that the Chinese still have good projects and people who work hard, this is enough.

Lengtu was originally a Chinese IP. We came to Crypto and created XRC. We must first let the Chinese know what it is! Is it hard to go to sea? The issuance of XRC on Ethereum means that it has gone abroad. Once it has a top ranking in Opensea, it will naturally enter the international perspective.

Suddenly I thought of a book called "Taking Myself as a Method". The main idea is probably to call on "people finally return to themselves", which is similar in logic to using "self" as a narrative. Of course, sometimes it is possible to return When it comes to the thing itself, it's already cool.

The encrypted world itself is open, and the cultural atmosphere is not necessarily only mourning, ugly and non-mainstream, but also the "Never back" of Leng Rabbit.

At present, XRC's primary task is to make a good Crypto avatar. According to Teacher Yi, if you can't even make an avatar, why can you do the bigger things later? Moreover, the encryption industry has strong financial attributes, and there are many topics that need to be studied and researched. The most difficult thing is not in product design, nor how many whitelists can be sold, and it is not whether the secondary market can be sold out, but when all products are sold out. When they were all sold out, that's when our web journey really started...

The end is the XRC universe
There are many ways to detonate an NFT avatar, such as convincing people by increasing (expensive), but winning simply by expensive is not a long-term solution. People need stories, need wider penetration, need to find organizations, and need to be able to do it for love generate electricity.

XRC is all about doing the latter.

Take the famous Boring Ape as an example. This NFT comes from the Boring Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which will be launched at the end of April 2021. It consists of 10,000 monkey NFTs with different characteristics and attributes. Has a boring expression.

A user holding a boring monkey NFT is equivalent to owning a BAYC ticket, which means that you are a member of the club, and it also means that you will have all the commercial use rights of your monkey, which can be used for external authorization and secondary creation. . Any member can empower the BAYC club and its brand in any way. They are combining the ape image with everything to create a series of derivatives and a culture that belongs to their own community.

The "C" of XRC is also the abbreviation of Club, and the first step of the Lengtu team will start with the establishment of a club.

Mr. Yi believes that NFT is the carrier of Web3 and even the Metaverse, giving Lengtu team an opportunity to realize its ideals, while Club is an important organizational form for NFT to develop, the prototype of the future community, and the cornerstone of all NFT projects.

Although XRC-NFT has not been released yet, the official price has been given after listening to the opinions of the community. Interested friends can go to the official Discord to check.

In addition, for the roadmap that everyone cares about most, the V1 version has been released. Adhering to the original intention of creating a free and rich metaverse space and continuing to bring practical returns to community members, the official plan is as follows:

  1. DAOs

Establish a DAO to promote the long-term development of the project;

Establish a multi-signature and voting mechanism to allow XRC holders to participate in community development and resolution;

In the name of DAO, help and unite more artists and traditional IPs and join hands to enter the new world of Web3.

  1. Airdrop

Airdrop limited-edition products of XRC peripheral entities to holders, as well as products with Chinese characteristics;

All XRC holders will be directly whitelisted for subsequent NFT series;

Unite with other NFT communities or artists to airdrop NFT works to XRC holders.

  1. Branding

Cooperate with other mainstream and characteristic brands to launch co-branded products;

Joint XRC holders to explore decentralized copyright centralized operation and license to other products. Benefit holders through the mechanism of tokenization of income.

4. Metaverse

Purchase Metaverse plots and continue to play related works of X Rabbits Club;

Cooperate with game manufacturers to explore cooperation, NFT holders can use this to enter the GameFi space to achieve Play-to-Earn;

Make XRC NFT a must-have avatar asset and status symbol in the metaverse.

Everything about XRC has been conveyed, and I hope everyone can understand it.

Finally, let’s end with the golden sentence of classmate Xiao Ming (0xmin). He said that no matter in the atomic world or the bit world, a great NFT must have cultural attributes. The author also asked a similar question when interviewing Teacher Yi: If X Rabbits Club gradually matures, what kind of cultural attributes do you hope the community will convey?

Teacher Yi said, "It's impossible to predict, but the end is definitely Guangweizheng, and the process may be twists and turns. Just like the various stories created by fans for Lengtu, there are sunny and wise ones, and some mutants and evils. "

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