Sentiment: The New Era

Sentiment Reimagined

The core protocol has undergone significant changes that necessitate a shift in brand identity, to be more aligned with the new direction.

Sentiment was originally a lending protocol that focused on providing leverage to esoteric collateral and long-tail assets. Sentiment V1 facilitated over $40M in loan volume in the short 3 months since its inception.

The Sentiment protocol has since gone through a complete rebuild, which makes it more performant and scalable, to achieve large ambitions of being the most efficient and secure lending protocol in DeFi.

Visual Identity

Sentiment’s new visual identity conveys 4 core pillars:

  1. Novelty → People like new ways of doing things

  2. Opportunity → Opportunity makes people optimistic about the future

  3. Confidence → Supporters and users should feel empowered by the technology

  4. Accessibility → Users should feel maximum benefit from open-sourced protocols


The color palette of Sentiment is evolving into a refined gradient of blues and grays that are appealing to the eye. This transition from the original dark blue and black scheme aims to broaden the brand's appeal, introducing a sense of sophistication and optimism.

Changing the Narrative

Sentiment’s new identity is made complete with a website and UI refresh. This is coupled with an updated main slogan that succinctly captures what Sentiment seeks to offer its users.

The Road Ahead

With Sentiment V2 around the corner, users can expect many updates before launch.

Refreshing the brand identity is just one of many steps necessary to bring Sentiment to fruition.

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