Advent Of Code: My Best Hobby For 2021
April 5th, 2022

Advent Of Code is a set of coding questions that is organized every year prior to Christmas, there are many platforms to do programming, but Advent Of Code is different, I get the joy of solving a problem and has been by favourite hobby of 2021.

Why I love Advent Of Code?

There is no shortage of platforms where you can practise programming, or even compete with others, they even have problems of all kinds, for beginners to experts, while I do solve those, It has never been fun.

I started Advent Of Code this year, though I do regret not starting it earlier, this has been the best hobby for me this year, a new challenge everyday, sometimes challenging, sometimes easy but always enjoyable and a new experience.

Why Advent Of Code is excellent for beginners?

All AOC questions are themed around Christmas and questions wrapped in little stories. Unlike questions on other platforms, where question is either too straightforward, or too difficult to grasp, AOC makes it very easy to understand the problem.

It is said that you don't need to have a CS background in order to perform tasks, though I have observed it is sometimes good to have some knowledge of algorithms. The best thing being, there is always a community where you can ask for help, share your solution and learn together.

Why should you make it a hobby too?

Whether you're a working professional or a beginner, you'll find AOC fun, I have recommended it to people who initially thought it's a waste of time, but they love it now.

If you're a working professional, you'll find initial (or most) problems easy, but you'll still feel the challenge, as a professional, the best thing you could do is to help others, there's an active community on reddit, you can share your solution and that will help people who want to learn.

And, if you're a beginner, this is the best hobby you can have, it definitely did help me in bringing back my love for programming, Just pick up your language of choice and you'll love it, It's the joy of solving what pushes you forward.

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