Everything wrong with Quora
April 5th, 2022

Quora, the QnA platform which started out as the best knowledge source and time killer, where we would learn something, has changed a lot, something which makes it harder to tolerate. Can you still enjoy Quora?

What is Quora?

Quora is a Question-and-Answer platform, started in 2009, where people could ask anything, and people knowledgeable in that domain could answer them.

Unlike other similar platforms, which soon realised that it's not a great idea to be a general QnA website, Quora seemed to just work out long enough.

Quora favours writers, but how much?

One thing that strongly differentiates Quora from other similar platforms and forums is that it favours writers, a lot. So, if you're good at writing, you will have a huge following on Quora.

Unsurprisingly, the top writers also get an opportunity to monetize their answers, making it a career, for short-term atleast.

Quora Moderation

One fair argument to defend Quora would be that all platforms beyond a particular size face this problem, that is, low quality of content. What differentiates succesful platforms, however, is their quality of moderation. Something, which is often criticized the most about Quora.

What has Quora Become?

It's obvious that Quora is no longer a place to ask simple questions and get simple answers, it is dominated by writers who will write long answers even when not required, just because their followers love reading them.

This is another reason why the upvotes don't show the Quality of answers anymore.

Since, Quora is general platform, you can never reliably get quality answers, and it's always recommended to seek for niche platforms for expert answers.

Is it all bad?

Definitely not, it favours writers, and there are good writers, many experts and great quality content hidden somewhere the low quality midst, making it harder to find.

That's all wrong with Quora, a great platform for killing time, now a headache, and might be a better future ahead.

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