KnoxEdgeDAO Bootstrapped a $2M DAO Fund from the Community

November 18th, 2021

KNX token fair launch was conducted on CopperLaunch from October 16 to October 30. The starting balance of the pool was 10,000,000 KNX/150,000 USDC, and the final balance was 3,998,460 KNX/2,253,829 USDC. This means a total of 6,001,539 KNX tokens were distributed to the community, and a total of 2,103,829 USDC were collected.

From the remaining 3,998,460 KNX:

Here is the breakdown of $2.1M USDC collected:

  • 100,000 USDC is paired with KNX on Uniswap V3
  • 400,000 USDC has been converted to 396,787 cUSD and paired with the remaining 2,587,042 KNX to provide liquidity on Ubeswap.
  • 850,000 USDC will be used a security deposit for CEX listing, liquidity mining programs, etc.
  • 87,885 USDC collected from the 1.5% swap fee is kept in KnoxEdgeLabs wallet
  • The remaining $660,000 USDC goes to KnoxFund to unlock community-driven investing purpose

Community-Driven Investing: KnoxFund

Thanks to the recent integration of Gnosis Safe with Celo Network, KnoxFund can be deployed for community-driven investing in both Ethereum & Celo Network.

KNX Retroactive Airdrop

We would love to thank the community for spending time to test KnoxMarket in the past 3 months. We will finalize the airdrop list by Sunday. The airdrops will be distributed in the same week that KnoxMarket V2 is released. Please double check your airdrop and contact us if there’s any discrepancy:

KnoxMarket V2

KnoxMarket V2 will launch in mid-November. Instead of using native tokens, KnoxMarket V2 will use KNX tokens for all platform roles:

  • Bidders bid in KNX
  • Liquidity providers add liquidity in KNX
  • Sponsors seed topic in KNX

Depending on the results from Governance Week, KnoxMarket V2 might have a few parameter changes, i.e. max jot submission and KNX reward readjustment.

KnoxEdgeDAO MultiSig Wallet Addresses

Here is the full list of addresses:

Website | KnoxMarket | Mirror | Discord | Telegram | Instagram

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