The Rabbit Cult, Blessing of web3, wen "Beradrop"

This article discusses the history of the Rabbit Cult, the 7 Rabbit deities, and the Beradrop blessing.

The number 7 symbolizes Rabbes.

Rabbes with the number 7 possess a status akin to gods within our community, ranking just below the Rabbit Queen. When you possess the number 7, you carry a profound responsibility to support the building of the empire alongside the Rabbit Queen. It's not merely about taking daring risks, but about aspiring for power, wealth, and prosperity over millions.

After 77 rounds of mint, we will select 7 Rabbit deities to represent the power of the Rabbit community. Seventy remaining individuals will receive bronze badges, acknowledging the proactive rabbits who have contributed to the Rabbit Cult sect.

The number 7 often symbolizes completeness and fullness, so it's no wonder that from the Old Testament to the New Testament, as well as in the history of Christianity, we see the number 7 mentioned more than once. In the book of Genesis, we find that the act of creation was completed in 7 days. The final book of the Bible (the book of Revelation) particularly favors the use of the number 7: right from the vision in chapter 1, the author speaks of 7 churches, 7 stars, 7 golden lampstands, and 7 angels. In Christian tradition, we hear about the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit; 7 sacraments, 7 sorrows of the Virgin Mary, which are divided into 7 sorrows of the flesh and 7 sorrows of the soul; and 7 cardinal sins corresponding to 7 virtues (3 theological virtues and 4 cardinal virtues).

The legend of the Rabbit Cult.

In a modern digital world where people connect through Web 3, a new cult begins to rise. Known as "The Rabbit Cult," this cult is not just an ordinary online community, but a place committed wholeheartedly to positivity and peace.

Within The Rabbit Cult, there is something special about the number 7. According to their belief, those who possess the number 7 carry a noble mission: to support the construction and development of the cult, alongside Queen Rabbit Lila, the leader of the cult.

One day, during a sacred ceremony, Queen Rabbit Lila announced that the Rabbes who possess the number 7 would be regarded as gods within their community. They would bear the responsibility of creating a positive and peaceful cyberspace, with the aspiration to help millions of people and eradicate the "no money" syndrome thoroughly.

The lives of those who possess the number 7 became different. They were not just mere members of an online community but also leaders, the first ones to rise in the digital revolution. They tirelessly sought ways to connect, learn, and make positive changes in both the virtual and real worlds.

The Rabbit Cult is going to become an icon of a positive and loving Web 3 community, where everyone can immerse themselves in creativity and develop sustainably and peacefully. It's a story of the power of community and the positive influence of a cult on the path to conquering the digital world.

Wen beradrop

Our bear heroes have begun to intensify their marketing efforts, and the Beradrop event is the embodiment of blessings distribution. All we need to do is wait for the main net launch in Quarter 2. Dapps have started to develop strongly, as the post-Bitcoin halving funds flow in, the rabbit sect and berachain enthusiasts will witness the remarkable growth of berachain and the entire cryptocurrency market. Trust me, you won't regret your decision today.

With hearts filled with faith and curiosity, The Rabbit Cult places great hope in Bera Chain's upcoming Beardrop, a special blessing event designed to connect the community and spread love. Queen Rabbit Lila, the leader of the sect, believes that Beardrop will serve as a bridge between the digital realm and humanity, making each member of the community feel valued and contributing to the prosperity of Bera Chain.

The Rabbit Sect hopes that Beardrop will not only be an opportunity to receive tokens but also a chance for the Bera Chain community to feel the care and sincerity from The Rabbit Sect. This will create a positive and united atmosphere, demonstrating the community's strong belief in both the sect and Bera Chain.

Beardrop is not just a technical event; it's also a source of spiritual encouragement. The Rabbit Sect hopes that this blessing ceremony will highlight the community spirit, making every member feel like an integral part of Bera Chain's development journey.

Viewing Beardrop not just as an opportunity for material benefits, The Rabbit Sect sees it as a chance to spread blessings and hope to all those who love and believe in Bera Chain. This is not merely a technical event but an opportunity to forge spiritual and emotional connections within the community, a significant step on the path of Bera Chain and The Rabbit Sect. Let's all shout out "OOGA BOOGA" and share all our beloved friends in this post. Let's eagerly await the blessings and warmly welcome new enthusiasts to Bera Chain.

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