Verse Network by STP's 2022 Year End Recap

Throughout the last year, STP became a recognized DAO ecosystem for innovation, governance, collaboration and tooling. Over >180+ DAOs were onboarded and >1,100+ proposals created on STP’s dApp Clique. Along with the exponential growth in product usage, the participation from the community in governance expanded greatly as well. Feedback and participation from the community led to improvements on product along with impactful partnerships forged with DAOs of every industry and complementary DAO tools. This 2022 recap article, will summarize the product development in the past year including Clique and improvements made to solve existing problems in the space, along with important partnerships that grew the overall ecosystem. 

Product Developments

Merge dApp’s DAO create and manage functions 

At the end of 2021, STP introduced two dApps, Framework for creating a DAO and Clique for DAO management. One of the first changes made in 2022 was to merge the two functions under one dApp, Clique which removed the unnecessary friction of having two different dApps.

Clique V1

Besides the added functionality of creating a DAO on Clique, Clique V1 also included other impressive features such as Ethereum-to-Polygon cross-chain governance and integration of multiple EVM compatible chains. For more information on Clique V1: 

Clique V2

After the release of V1, feedback from the community resulted in a V2 that looked to improve upon the existing product. The three new features in V2 are DAO rewards, SDK and DAO administrator. All of these features improved the experiences of DAO creators, giving them options to do more than just governance. DAO rewards enable more community interaction, the SDK allows DAOs to integrate governance portals in their own website and DAO administrator eases the everyday operation of DAOs. 


Throughout 2022, Clique onboarded numerous DAOs, particularly JennyDAO and AlphaDAO, and worked with multiple projects to create a better DAO ecosystem. Some notable partnerships include:

  • Polygon Village: STP joined Polygon Village as a Voucher partner to provide its native suite of DAO tooling to DAOs in the Polygon Ecosystem

  • DeepDAO: DeepDAO listed Clique as a top DAO creation and management tool on their exclusive list

  • Zetachain: Using Zetachain’s protocol agnostic technology, Clique will be creating the first Omnichain DAO

These are only a few of the many partnerships and developments in 2022. 

Stay tuned for more 2023 product and roadmap updates!

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