How AI will transform DAOs

ChatGPT took the world by storm by proliferating the application of  artificial intelligence (AI) and reinforcement learning (RL). By design, DAOs gravitate towards AI and RL through smart contract technology and activity data that can be trained and reinforced. Intertwining the DAO concept with AI technology creates a paradigm shift in efficiency and capability for governance, while promising transparency and decentralization. The efficacy of this combination of theory and technology is unprecedented.

The most straight forward way to deploy AI in a DAO context is to use AI robot to improve DAO productivity. Tasks such as writing whitepaper, Q&A, AMA and community managements could all be done by AI to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

While our current society is trust-based when it comes to following the law, using AI to enforce rules in a community may be fairer and more unbiased, especially with subjective tasks such as reviewing member application or content. Using both Web2 and Web3 data, AI can efficiently filter out users. As an example, Clique DAO Rewards developed by STP could use the below tasks to retrieve more accurate data:

Based on the retrieved data and the rules of the DAO, AI can filter out users who meet the requirements, such as whether they meet the task conditions, they are members of STP DAO, they have interacted with STP DAO more than 2 times, etc. In traditional methods, a large number of labor and data cleaning processes are required, however, AI is able to complete most of the mundance work. With the improvement of Web3 identity information data such as SBT and DID, AI can help the DAO community analyze the distribution of users, such as the proportion of Defi Degen users, GameFi participation and so on.

Additionally, through a conversation with ChatGPT, it also give recommendations about the integration of AI and DAO:

1. Integrate artificial intelligence algorithms into smart contract systems

"AI algorithms can be integrated into DAO's smart contracts, enabling organizations to make decisions based on data-driven insights. This can improve decision-making efficiency and ensure decisions are based on objective data."

Compared with traditional oracle machine and cross-chain bridges, AI can undoubtedly provide more comprehensive decision-making and analysis for smart contracts. Traditional oracle machines are limited to aggregating multiple quotes according to certain rules and inputting them into desired smart contracts. These rules simple and one-dimensional, so the main purpose of oracle machines is still price feeding. On the other hand, AI can capture the latest information, policies, and prices in a timely manner to provide the most objective decisions.

STP is considering implementing AI technology for DAO’s smart contracts to provide objective data and decision making so that all DAOs on Clique will all be able to use the integrated AI interface to greatly improve productivity.

2. Using AI for data analysis for better DAO messaging and policies

"DAOs can use AI algorithms to analyze large amounts of data and provide insights for informed decision-making. For example, DAOs can use AI to analyze market data and predict which assets are likely to perform well."

Traditional Web3 data analysis platforms generally have a high barrier to entry, often requiring certain coding experience. Dune for example, the following panels require nearly 1,000 lines of code development. Although Dune has lowered a lot of its barriers, it is still difficult for non-technical users.

However, ChatGPT has been able to automate code generation for non-technical user quickly analyze the data on chain.

STP will consider integrating AI to provide DAO with more intelligent data retrieval, including on-chain prices, Gas fees, NFT popularity, etc.

3. Use AI in the DAO voting process

"AI can be integrated into a DAO's voting process, allowing members to vote on proposals based on data-driven insights. This helps ensure decisions are based on objective data and reduces the impact of biases."

When AI and DAO meet, it creates a new decentralized organization that can make decisions based on human-based expertise and data-driven insights. AI can help analyze large amounts of data and make predictions, while DAOs can ensure that these decisions are transparent, accountable and aligned with the goals of the organization. Additionally, voting rights can be delegated to AI assistants to highly increase governance participation.

STP will consider empowering features of one-click voting and treasury management with AI, which will in turn greatly improve the participation and efficiency within DAOs.

4. Use AI for risk management

"DAOs can use AI algorithms to assess risk and ensure decisions are made with a complete understanding of potential risks."

Currently, many quantitative traders are already using artificial intelligence for risk analysis and likewise DAOs can also use AI to avoid potential risks. In addition, DAOs investing in cryptocurrencies could use AI algorithms to analyze market data and predict which assets are likely to perform well. DAO members can then vote on these forecasts, providing a level of accountability and transparency that was not possible with traditional investment methods.

Apart from that, the management of DAO community members can also be entrusted to AI. For example, AI can carry out multi-chain user due diligence on each member. When certain users pose a potential risk (such as leaking private keys or commit crimes) AI ​​can automatically detect and suspend its privileges, while the rest of the community vote on the actuality of those risks. When new users want to join the DAO, AI can also automatically review the user by using their on-chain transactions.

Undoubtfully, AI will change our perceptions of traditional DAO and STP will be ready to integrate AI with DAO to provide DAO members with the API and decision-making options. If you want to know more efficient DAO management, please contact

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