Building an Identity Layer in Autonomous Worlds (Phase 2)

Framing and Building AW Identity

AW requires a dynamic and versatile identity infrastructure that transports users seamlessly across worlds. So far, innovative wallets with traction such as Argent and Exodus focus on interoperability and security, but don’t focus on adding depth to identity. Today in AW, on-chain maxis still need to use different wallet providers (often blockchain specific) and hack in order to onboard across different worlds. Beyond that, wallet connections are only surface-level public keys and usernames, which hinders the expansion of on-chain realities.

In AW where everything is on-chain and permissionless, identity is paramount for collaboration, contribution and connection. As stated in our first article, when societies become an application of Autonomous Worlds (AW), on-chain worlds require a virtual embodiment of the user that far surpasses the current state of a public key and username.

On the surface, identity should be an entryway into applications and social settings with at least a name and visual representation like an avatar. Beyond that, identity should encompass deeper layers that we conceptualize through activity and action which translates into on-chain data. A user’s personality, values and desires can be extracted from that data and constructed into a unique identity. STP facilitates this process via its identity engine where a library of NFTs and on-chain assets will personify a user, a catalog of on-chain participation can exemplify a user’s values, and the experiences, decisions, and abilities acquired can illustrate a user’s desires.

  1. As the base layer of AW identity, STP will create the first of its kind AW naming service (AWNS) with the domain ending in .AW on Ethereum to begin. Akin to the AWNS is the Avatar NFT, which will be seamlessly minted in the same process.

    • With your Avatar NFT, users can seamlessly connect to any AW app and game in our ecosystem

    • Bridging data on-chain, avatars can earn experiences and badges in-game, decisions are recorded to create new paths, abilities are acquired to unlock new assets, and more boundless game use-cases!

    • In-app and game data usage will cultivate your identity and social profile visible to open interaction and collaboration

  2. Underpinning identity is experiences represented by data, STP will construct data APIs to power identification and accessibility in AW.

In this pursuit, STP also leverages account abstraction to onboard and support the next wave of builders and users in AW.

Accentuating the power of ERC-6551 for AW

ERC-6551 enhances the ERC-721 NFT standard, holding immense potential for fostering the adoption of AW and on-chain societies. By turning NFTs into independent on-chain agents capable of storing cryptocurrency and non-fungible assets, ERC-6551 paves the way for a future where digital identities seamlessly onboard  virtual worlds and dApps like games.

The importance of ERC-6551 for the adoption of Autonomous Worlds lies in its ability to enable NFTs to function as crypto wallets and game inventories. For example in these immersive digital realms, NFT avatars can possess weapons and accessories directly within their nested accounts. The avatars’ experiences and asset transfers along the way are historically recorded as provenance, innately attached to the avatar itself. This empowers users to fully explore and engage with worlds, enhancing their autonomy and deepening the sense of ownership over their digital assets.

Beyond gaming, ERC-6551 opens up possibilities such as airdropping tokens and new NFTs directly to NFTs themselves instead of their owners. This enables dynamic interactions and collaborations within these digital realms, fostering vibrant economies and social ecosystems. It also enables NFTs to have direct voting power in DAOs and interactions with dApps. The flexibility of ERC-6551 allows NFTs to become independent on-chain actors, offering a space for experimentation.

The application of ERC-6551 for AW is a key stepping stone toward a future where digital identities, virtual worlds, and decentralized applications converge. By leveraging this enhanced NFT standard, the potential to shape our interactions and identities within these realms becomes boundless. ERC-6551 serves as a foundational piece in the puzzle of establishing a thriving and autonomous digital society.

STP will empower users to easily create the foundation of their AW identity through this simple one-step flow:

  1. Come up with an unique username for the AWNS with the domain ending in .AW, for example STP.AW

  2. Choose one of our partner’s participating avatar collections for identity avatar

  3. Simultaneously, mint AWNS NFT-721 and wrap with a 6551 smart contract wallet, and mint NFT-721 avatar using the 6551 smart contract wallet

As STP evolves 350+ DAOs for AW on our Clique Workspace platform, 6551 NFTs can become key participants in DAOs, possessing voting power and representing individuals within these communities. They can also interact with decentralized applications (dApps) as self-sovereign actors, seamlessly navigating through the on-chain landscape and contributing to the growth of the collective ecosystem.

Stay tuned for the release of these exciting AW identity products leverage account abstraction!

About STP

STP is opening the portal to Autonomous Worlds. Its mission is to build and scale an identity layer for Autonomous Worlds. STP provides the necessary infrastructure, tooling platforms and data indexing for elevated forms of on-chain identity. Its Clique AW platform leverages account abstraction to onboard and support the next wave of builders and users in Autonomous Worlds.

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