Clique v3 Introduces Soul Bound Tokens for DAOs

STP is thrilled to unveil major improvements for Clique v3, the all-in-one DAO tool. This update addresses newly discovered challenges from v3 and introduces functionalities that enhance usability and efficiency for DAOs. The update also unveils the ground-breaking feature of Soul Bound Tokens (SBT) for DAO..

Soul Bound Token (SBT) Integration into DAO Rewards

The most significant improvement in this update is the addition of Soul Bound Tokens (SBT) into DAO Rewards. After extensive research into the potential of SBTs for DAOs, we have integrated them into DAO Rewards, an engagement portal within each unique DAO on Clique. Now, DAOs can reward community members and contributors with SBTs through on-chain or off-chain tasks.

SBTs represent a novel approach to community engagement and reward mechanisms within DAOs. These tokens are unique, non-transferable, and deeply tied to the identity of the community member who receives them. When a community member earns an SBT through DAO Rewards, it becomes a badge of honor, a symbol of dedication and commitment to the DAO's mission and vision. This is integral in fostering an on-chain profile and identity that is unique to their achievements and transactions on Clique. SBTs are a crucial first step in developing a mature identity layer across Web3.

Other Features and Enhancements on Clique v3

Zero-Gas Fee for DAO Creation, Proposal, and Voting:

Responding to the demands for off-chain, gasless activities, Clique now allows for gasless transactions for DAO creation, proposal submission, and voting. 

Public and Private Workspaces:

Given feedback and concerns about privacy in Workspace,  a task management dashboard that streamlines collaboration within each community, improvements were made to provide both public and private Workspaces. Public Workspaces promote transparency and inclusivity, and private Workspaces offer exclusive environments, ensuring that sensitive information and data remain protected.

In conclusion, Clique v3 improvements represent a significant leap forward for STP’s DAO ecosystem. With SBT rewards, Clique empowers communities to forge deeper connections, loyalty, and engagement. Embrace the boundless possibilities of DAOs with Clique.

About STP:

STP is an ecosystem optimized for DAOs. Users can access a full suite of native tools and infrastructures across multiple blockchains that facilitate efficient decentralized decision-making for users, communities, and organizations.

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