Clique V3 Launch Campaign

The moment has arrived - the Clique V3 Launch Campaign is here! Over the past few months, the evolution of Clique V3, the latest version of the All-in-One DAO tool, has been shaped by the insightful collaboration and feedback from more than 200 DAOs within the STP ecosystem. Now, it's time to take this involvement a step further. Please check the campaign details below:

Duration: June 03, 00:00 AM UTC+8 - June 17, 00:00 AM UTC+8

Tasks & Rules:

Task 1: Task Management Challenge & Feedback:

a. Kickstart your own DAO journey with Clique V3's Task Management feature

  • Create your DAO on Clique

  • Organize and assign tasks via the Task Management feature (Teamspaces> General> Task)

  • Tell us about your experience. Submit your insights/feedback via [Feedback Form]

b. Rewards

  • The 30 most reasonable DAOs will each receive a $20 reward

  • The 20 most organized task creators will each receive a $10 reward

  • The Most constructive feedback:

    • The top 5 most constructive feedback submissions will each receive a $100 reward.

    • The 6th - 10th most constructive feedback will each receive a $50 reward.

    • The 11th - 20th most constructive feedback will each receive a $30 reward.

Task 2: Profile Completion Contest

a. Complete your Clique profile to help us know you better and enhance your collaborative experience on the platform

b. Rewards: Will select 100 most comprehensive and well-crafted profiles, and each of these users will receive a reward of $5

* Friendly Reminder: Profile quality is key here, so take your time to make your profile standout!

Your insights and active participation have always been the driving force behind STP's progress. This campaign serves as an opportunity to bring these elements to the forefront, fostering an even stronger community around Clique V3. So, gear up, explore the new features, share your experiences, and let's embark on this rewarding journey together.**

About STP:

STP is an ecosystem optimized for DAOs. Users can access a full suite of native tools and infrastructures across multiple blockchains that facilitate efficient decentralized decision-making for users, communities, and organizations.

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