Verse Network Partners with Multi-chain Graph Aggregator KNN3 Network
July 28th, 2022

Verse Network by STP is pleased to announce the partnership with KNN3 Network, a multi-chain relationship aggregator.

The cooperation will bring KNN3 Network's permissionless and composable relational data solution to the DAOs and projects in its ecosystem. Meanwhile, Verse Network will also help KNN3 Network prosper in its ecological construction and facilitate the development of practical applications of Web 3.0.

We are proud to be the pioneer in accelerating the Web3.0 ecosystem, by hand in hand collaboration to spin up the flywheel of the marketing place of crypto space, to see the authentic potential of SociaFi & DeFi landscape.

About KNN3 Network:

KNN3 is Web3 Relationship Aggregator on multi-blockchains. Empowering Web3 social discovery & user enabling. KNN3 Network provides graph solutions for web3 multiverse relational aggregation to empower Social d/App and AI analytics. KNN3 aims to become a community-driven data curation protocol to enable on-chain data collaboration.

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About Verse Network:

Verse Network is a full suite of native tools and infrastructures facilitating efficient decentralized decision-making for users, communities and organizations to streamline the creation and management of DAOs. Through Verse Network, users can access a suite of no-code DAO tools to launch and manage their DAOs on a range of blockchains.

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