Verse Network Testnet Public Campaign Launch

March 28th, 2022
Node Operator Community Incentives 
Node Operator Community Incentives 


The STP Team is excited to announce the next stage of Verse Network’s Public Testnet Campaign! Today we launch a community incentive campaign for our public users operating nodes to validate transactions on our testnet.

Users in our community have continued to build their DAOs on Verse Network throughout our testnet campaign. Looking to the future, the need for users to operate nodes to support Verse will become increasingly crucial as traffic on the network continues to grow. This new phase of our testnet allows our community to support the infrastructure powering Verse Network and provides our team with valuable data and feedback.

Follow the steps below to participate in this exciting new phase of our public testnet and to qualify for the community incentives!

Time: March 28 12:00 AM EST- April 18 12:00 AM EST


Step 1: Send STPT or STPD to 5 different wallet addresses of your friends

To get started, connect your MetaMask wallet to add the Verse Testnet and then claim your test tokens to your wallet using the STP Faucet.  Be sure to claim both STPT (gas token) and STPD (governance token) test tokens.  Then please send STPT or STPD to 5 different wallet addresses of your friends, and please maintain at least 2000 STPD in your wallet in order to complete the staking tasks. 

STPT: 0x000000000000000000004d657465724552433230 

STPD: 0x000000000000004d65746572476f764552433230 

Step 2: Stake Tokens 

Stake your STPD token to your own or any other validator nodes.

Full instructions on staking tokens can be found in our Gitbook here. 

Step 3: Operate a full node

Run a full node and maintain it properly. Each participant can only start up one full node. At a random time each week we will post a snapshot of the validator list and publish the latest leaderboard on our Twitter. Check our Twitter often to stay up to date on the leaderboard.

Full instructions for operating nodes on Verse can be found in our Gitbook here

Step 4: Submit Feedback 

Submit testnet bugs and suggestions via the form here. Your feedback is valuable as it helps us to improve Verse Network!

Community Incentives

The following community incentives will be made available to node validator participants on the Verse Network testnet. The rewards below are listed per user. 

USDT Rewards:

✨  50 randomly selected users from the transaction pool: 20 USDT

✨  20 randomly selected users from the staking pool: 50 USDT

✨  Top 20 Leaderboard validators: 

  • 1st to 5th: 1000 USDT
  • 6th to 10th: 800 USDT 
  • 11th to 20th: 500 USDT

✨ 10 useful submission on the bug/feedback form: 100 USDT

To qualify for incentives please carefully follow all requirements laid out above in the community incentive Steps. We look forward to seeing our community members participate on Verse by supporting our network operations. 

Hardware Requirements: 

The recommended hardware configuration to achieve full performance on Verse Network is a minimum of 8 compute optimized vCPU, 16GB of memory and 200GB of SSD (AWS c5.2xlarge instance or better). The maximum block size is around 1.3MB. It is also recommended to have data center class 1Gbps to 10Gbps internet connection. However, the consensus protocol is capable of adapting to transaction load, network and node processing speed to some extent by varying the block period from 2 seconds to up to 30 seconds. The minimum requirement is 2 vCPU and 4GB of memory. When the network has minimum load, the average monthly block data is expected to be about 1.5GB. 

About Verse Network**

Verse is a censorship resistant, front running resistant, high performance, and interconnected cloud for next gen DAO and DeFi. It enables networks, developers and organizations to decentralize decision making effectively and scale their communities and decentralized applications.

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