STP’s DAO tool Clique Listed on DeepDAO
October 13th, 2022

DeepDAO, a DAO aggregator, will be listing Clique as a top DAO creation and management tool on their exclusive list! Such recognition from one of the most well-respected aggregators is a great honor and will enable more exposure for Clique. 

The listing will be the first step in a long lasting partnership with DeepDAO that will consist of future collaboration opportunities with STP.

DeepDAO is not only a DAO aggregator, but also a full-blown discovery engine and API service provider. 

About Verse Network by STP:

Verse Network is a full suite of native tools and infrastructures facilitating efficient decentralized decision-making for users, communities and organizations to streamline the creation and management of DAOs. Through Verse Network, users can access a suite of no-code DAO tools to launch and manage their DAOs on a range of blockchains.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Mirror 

About DeepDAO: 

DeepDAO is the most comprehensible discovery engine for the DAO ecosystem covering nearly 5000 DAOs, 4 million DAO contributors and the top DAO Tools. Through DeepDAO, one can dig into the financial, governance and social layers of information about DAOs as well as DAO contributors. Its rich data stack and analytics can be accessed through the DeepDAO API. 

Website | Twitter | Discord | API

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