Verse Network by STP Integrates All-In-One DAO Tool Clique with BNB Chain
December 2nd, 2022

Verse Network by STP has integrated with BNB chain one of the largest smart-contract blockchains. Its all-in-one DAO platform Clique now supports an additional EVM-compatible chain tapping into one of the world largest blockchain ecosystems. This integration will provide efficient on-chain governance solutions to the BNB Chain’s ecosystem. Users, communities, organizations, and projects can create and manage DAOs directly on BNB Chain.

DAOs and projects on BNB Chain can now use Clique to implement decentralized on-chain governance for their communities and token holders with just a few clicks on an aggregated DAO dashboard. Users can create, vote and pass the proposals in all DAOs on BNB Chain. 

Moreover, the users and projects on BNB Chain can also access Clique's new features in terms of DAO Rewards, SDK, etc.. These new features provide a great way for DAOs to grow their community and increase engagement by facilitating DAO participants to get real rewards. Regarding the SDK, projects can now customize the cross-chain governance and voting system on their own website while saving the development and audit resources of building from scratch.

About Verse Network by STP:

Verse Network is a full suite of native tools and infrastructures facilitating efficient decentralized decision-making for users, communities and organizations to streamline the creation and management of DAOs. Through Verse Network, users can access a suite of no-code DAO tools to launch and manage their DAOs on a range of blockchains.

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About BNB Chain:

BNB Smart Chain (BSC), is a distributed blockchain network upon which developers and innovators can build decentralized applications (DApps) as part of the move to Web3. It is the world’s largest smart-contract blockchain in terms of transaction volume and daily active users and has processed 3 billion transactions from 163 million unique addresses, and has an ecosystem of more than 1,300 active DApps.

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