Clique V3 is now Live!

STP has launched Clique V3 the latest version of its All-in-One DAO tool. The upgrades and improvements in V3 is a testament to the collaboration and feedback from over 200 DAOs in the STP ecosystem. Packed with new features like Workspace and SDK, Clique V3 will significantly improve daily workflows and efficiency in Web3. 

Presenting Efficient Task Management

The new task management dashboard allows for greater customization and organization. Task owners have more control over task details and can easily reassign tasks across columns.

The launch of Clique V3 validates STP’s commitment to expanding and refining the platform while also integrating other top DAO tools to provide an end-to-end, feature-rich experience in Web3.

Boost Your Involvement with the STP DAO Booster Program

As we celebrate the launch of Clique V3, let's not forget the ongoing DAO Booster Program! We encourage you to participate and reap the benefits of this program, which rewards active community members with valuable incentives. Your engagement and contributions will help shape the future of our growing DAO ecosystem. For more DAO Booster Program info, please check via here

About STP:

STP is an ecosystem optimized for DAOs. Users can access a full suite of native tools and infrastructures across multiple blockchains that facilitate efficient decentralized decision-making for users, communities, and organizations.

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