All-In-One DAO Tool Clique Launches V2!
October 25th, 2022

Since the initial release of Clique last December, there has been feedback by the community to improve upon the initial version of Clique. Some major changes requested by the community include a shift from building Clique on our native network to focusing on cross chain governance on Polygon and merging DAO creation and management features into one tool. These improvements have helped Clique become more mature as an all-in-one DAO tool of Verse Network, and are essential parts of the V2 of Clique. Over the past couple months, developers and contributors have prepared for the launch of V2 with an ongoing bug bounty program to facilitate continued contribution from the community. In the V2, Clique has added new features like DAO rewards and a governance SDK in addition to improving UI optimizations.

To try out new features on Clique visit:

New features of Clique

DAO Rewards:
DAO Rewards is a customizable activity feature that allows DAOs to reward community members and contributors. DAO admins can set up a reward pool for users who have completed certain tasks (e.g. interact with DApp, submit bugs and suggestions, become an active member in social channels, complete a quiz, etc). DAO rewards is a great way for DAOs to expand the community and promote community engagements.

Projects can now customize the cross-chain governance and voting system on their own website while saving the development and audit resources of building from scratch. The Clique SDK allows projects to set up their own governance system based on the Clique core features. It also enables the projects to build up their own user flow.

DAO administrators:
Currently, all members of a DAO are equal except the DAO creator who gets to edit basic DAO settings such as name and description. However, similar to how Discord has admin rights, for Clique the creator will now be a super admin that has the right to give admin or super admin roles to other members of the DAO community.

Upcoming Features

  • Support more EVM chains and their tokens - currently support Polygon, will be supporting Klaytn and Binance Smart Chain

  • Additional governance features:

    • Adding multiple tokens for a single DAO: proposal creators can choose a token for voting when creating the proposal

    • More voting types: we have supported single vote and multiple vote; in the future more customized voting types will be added

    • NFT voting: support NFT as voting power

  • Verify on-chain activities for DAO rewards – making DAO rewards a more automatic process

About Verse Network by STP:

Verse Network is a full suite of native tools and infrastructures facilitating efficient decentralized decision-making for users, communities and organizations to streamline the creation and management of DAOs. Through Verse Network, users can access a suite of no-code DAO tools to launch and manage their DAOs on a range of blockchains.

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