Verse Network by STP 2023 Product Roadmap
February 10th, 2023

While 2022 was a tumultuous year for crypto, DAOs continued to gain traction across the most compelling industries in DeFi, Gaming, Social and Art. STP is focused on its mission to build a platform of software tools that empower DAO creation, daily workflows and tokenization. Based on feedback and proposals from over 200 DAOs in our ecosystem, the 2023 roadmap below will tackle the most sought-after pain points for the long-term growth and sustainability of DAOs and Web3 communities.

Currently, DAO managers, members and communities are frustrated with the current tools in the market that complement their daily workflows. The most popular reason is the wide fragmentation of tools that are disjointed in Web2 vs. Web3. For instance, although Notion is a powerful tool for collaborative task management, it is not integrated in Web3. Therefore, Notion lacks connectability and introduces friction for Web3 communities.

STP will expand its platform Clique to aggregate different Web3 software and tools in order to simplify and enhance the efficiency of daily workflows for communities and DAOs. Users can efficiently manage their projects all within one platform. Tools planned to be integrated this year:

  • Communication and Task Board: messaging and task collaboration tool

  • Multichain Token Management: Address generator, token distribution and collection tool, NFT and SBT creator

  • Treasury Management: pooled funds, multiple managers, fundraise, testnet faucet

  • Data Analysis: Price alert, token holder scanner, news feed, on-chain data analysis

  • Marketing Management: Token gated content, event management

More details will be released in conjunction with development, and the order of development priorities will be determined by community vote.

2023 Roadmap

2023 Q1:

  1. Launch Community Workspace Management Platform

  2. Launch Contribution Task Marketplace

  3. Debut Clique dApp’s SDK and API

2023 Q2

  • Launch Web3 Tooling Aggregator 

  • Enable Omnichain DAO Creation & Management

  • Enable Customizable Community Workspace Management Platform & Contribution Task Marketplace

  • Enhance Platform’s dApp SDK and API

2023 Q3 and Q4

  • Integrate More Workflow Tools into Web3 Tooling Aggregator

  • Launch developer kit for the Web3 Tooling Aggregator that enables developers and projects to plug-in their DApps with Clique

  •  Explore emerging technologies (i.e. AI, Zero-Knowledge Proof) integration into DAOs to reduce governance costs and enable privacy





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