STP Partners with Adventure Gold DAO

STP acknowledges the significance of four fundamental principles: provenance, interoperability, composability, and depth. These pillars are positioned to shape a multi-layered identity for each user within the cosmos of Autonomous Worlds (AW). Among these, provenance plays a pivotal role in establishing identity in the realm of AW. Provenance, the historical record encompassing a wallet's activities and interactions, lays the foundation for identity in the digital expanse.

Yet, provenance stems from usage. This is why we are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between STP and Adventure Gold DAO, a decentralized community dedicated to constructing Autonomous Worlds through its Loot Chain and gaming launchpad. The STP identity layer will serve as the infrastructure for Adventure Gold DAO's interoperable and collaborative identity. In this context, Adventure Gold DAO will supply the essential provenance needed to propel the community forward.

Adventure Gold DAO will leverage STP's upcoming product, Clique AW Solutions, to create a dynamic and versatile user profile that adds depth to identity. Current infrastructures on the market are technologically robust but lack customizability and character. STP and Adventure Gold DAO's collaboration will not only establish a precedent in an obscure domain but also nurture an ecosystem where individuals and communities can thrive.

Clique AW Solutions encompass two pivotal advancements: account abstraction and the Asset Portal toolkit. With account abstraction STP will create a scalable and modular Account Generator and Identity Engine for any AW project to optimally onboard users. Additionally, the Asset Portal toolkit will enable owning and transacting assets through customizable marketplaces or DEX, which creates accessibility.

In the coming months, this partnership will evolve into a representation of the synergy between technology and community. STP and Adventure Gold DAO are set to redefine identity within the immersive landscapes of Autonomous Worlds. By harnessing provenance and collaboration, this partnership aims to empower users to seamlessly navigate AW and elevate on-chain identity.


AGLD DAO is committed to building Autonomous Worlds that embody the principles of decentralization, transparency, fairness, and most importantly community sovereignty. We believe that this is the inevitable next step in the evolution of blockchain adoption and we are excited to be at the forefront of this revolution.

AGLD DAO also plans to support Autonomous world builders using platform partnerships, hackathons and ecosystem grants. These initiatives will further stimulate creativity and innovation within the Lootverse, bringing us closer to the realization of AW.

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About STP

STP is opening the portal to Autonomous Worlds. Its mission is to build and scale an identity layer for Autonomous Worlds. STP provides the necessary infrastructure, tooling platforms and data indexing for elevated forms of on-chain identity. Its Clique AW platform leverages account abstraction to onboard and support the next wave of builders and users in Autonomous Worlds.

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