Launching Unicorn DAO: A Collective which supports Female, Non-binary and LGBTIQ+ Creators in Web3

Unicorn DAO, created and launched with Pussy Riot, supports female, non-binary, and LGBTIQ+ creators.  It’s now open to new members.

Introducing UnicornDAO

NFTs are turning the world upside down.  Anyone with an Internet connection (and a little bit of crypto) can create and launch a new creative project, without the need to pass through traditional distribution channels.  We’re beginning to see the creative world rebuilt from the ground up, without the distortions of traditional middlemen (and yes, middlemen).

Unicorn DAO aims to sit at the center of this growing ecosystem, with a particular focus on diverse and underrepresented creators who want to build and/or extend their careers in this new wave of the Internet.  We all know that the best creators aren’t just men and don’t just come from the US or other large economies around the globe.  They include people from all backgrounds, colors, gender identities, and stripes.

That’s what Unicorn DAO wants to focus on and support.  Like other DAOs, Unicorn DAO isn’t organized around one or two purported “experts.”  Rather, it’s a growing “hivemind” of supportive members, aiming to identify and curate talented individuals, projects, and groups building and creating the next generation of media, technology, art, and culture.

UnicornDAO is aiming to bring a new lens and a paradigm shift to shake up the way creators are identified, sourced, and funded.  Unicorn DAO is on a mission to help build the infrastructure and mentorship for a feminist and queer revolution on blockchain. To shine some light on this, even today, only 16% of sales in 2021 have been from female artists. The goal and core mission of Unicorn DAO are to onboard creators to Web3, specifically historically undervalued and underrepresented groups, and give them the tools and space to empower themselves. With the addition of these women and non-binary identifying and LGBTQ+ creators to the world of web3, UnicornDAO strives to build a top-tier network for feminists, queers, and their allies in this community.  To headline it, we aim to:

  • collect and showcase art created by women, non-binary and LGBTQ+ communities;
  • fund businesses led by women, non-binary and LGBTQ+ people;
  • create value and deliver returns for members in the DAO;
  • provide historically undervalued and underrepresented groups tools to empower themselves;
  • subvert crypto bro culture;
  • discover and advise talent early;
  • create non-cringe NFT cultural moments;
  • building a top network for feminists x queers and their allies in Web3; and
  • give birth to a queer utopia in the metaverse.

So far, just in a few short months that UnicornDAO has been on the scene, we have already taken strides towards our goal to uplift and empower minority groups in the Web3 community. The DAO has purchased over one-thousand NFTs created by artists that identify within the women, non-binary, LGBTQ+ groups. All of the art in the DAO’s collection will be showcased at Unicorn's upcoming events at many of the well-known crypto and NFT conferences, art galleries, and museums around the world.  We celebrate and honor the birth of NFTs as the beginning of one of the most impactful movements in the history of modern art.

Unicorn DAO is supported by a growing group of artists and art experts that are inspired and share this vision, many of whom include: Priyanka Desai (Tribute Labs), C Verdult, Yulia Shur, Diana Sinclair, Nadya Tolokonnikova (Pussy Riot), Sophie Cohen (Gagosian Gallery), Charli Cohen, IX Shells, Ppl Pleasr and more.

Joining Unicorn DAO

Unicorn DAO launched privately about two months ago and now welcomes the larger community.  Members of all backgrounds, including male allies, are welcome to apply to join.  So far our members include (or will shortly include): SIA, Grimes, Beeple, Yuga Labs, World of Women, Tribute Labs, Art Blocks, True Ventures, Collab+Currency, Flamingo DAO, Moonpay, ConsenSys Mesh, Polygon, Quantum, Wave Financial, Blake Kathryn & more!

Each member will have the opportunity to contribute 50 ether to receive a 1% interest in Unicorn DAO, which entitles a holder to 1% of Unicorn’s voting rights and profits. Membership is limited to a maximum of 9% or 540 ether per member.

In order to join Unicorn DAO, you must be an accredited investor.   If you meet the criteria please fill out the form here: and the community will approve and reach out.  Once approved, you will be able to contribute and join via a flow on the DApp.  Please reach out to if you have any questions here.

As the leading women-led organization in the space, Unicorn DAO will become a beacon of light for those in minority communities looking for the right place and education to become part of the Web3 universe.

Learn More

To learn more about Unicorn, sign-up, and continue the conversation please reach out at or follow/DM us on our Twitter. If you’d like to join the public channel of Discord, come through here.

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