Pre-Airdrop Reward Mechanism, the leading NFT aggregator tailored for professional traders on the Polygon Network, is proud to announce its launch, backed by prominent investors such as Circle, Polygon Labs, and other top-tier VC firms.

Experience quick listing updates, seamless floor sweeping, and batch purchasing capabilities on the platform. Leverage advanced chart analysis to stay ahead in your trading endeavors and make well-informed investment decisions.

The Chapter 0 phase is exclusive, invite-only access, and upon joining the platform, new users will automatically receive 1 invite code after joining! And then

Tier 1 - You may obtain 4 more invite codes for every $100 vol traded on Dew.

Tier 2 - After tier 1 is complete, you can obtain 4 more invite codes for every $200 vol traded on Dew.

Tier 3 - After tier 2 is complete, you'll receive unlimited invites for every $500 of vol traded on Dew! - Additionally, new codes will now expire 30 days after generation (increased from 7 days)

*new codes will be generated every 12 hours*

Distribute these codes wisely, as your final D Points (DP) earnings will depend on your invitees. The more DP your invitees collect, the more you will benefit.

Traders with NFT transactions on the Polygon Network, Ethereum, Arbitrum, and BNB Chain within the past 180 days will receive DP, which substantially impact the rarity of the upcoming [REDACTED].

Chapter 0.1: Genesis Airdrop

During this chapter, [REDACTED] will be airdropped. The total quantity claimable depends on your historical trading volume on each chain and new trading volume on

  1. Trading volume before joining Dew will be converted into Token Box Points at a certain ratio.

  2. Trading volume on Dew will be converted into Token Box points at a $1:1 ratio.

Dew traders will earn the following bonuses on Token Box Points:

  • 20% bonus for holding 2 letter/number Dew Name

  • 25% bonus for the first 7 days after a new project goes online

  • 10% bonus for Gold Mark projects

  • 10% boost if maintain 90% loyalty for 30 consecutive days

Earning DP:

Basic Points:

Upon joining, all participants will receive DP and 1 invitation code. The points are based on historical trading volume (past 180 days), with varying weights for each chain.

Invite Points:

When someone uses your invitation code, you will earn 1/5 of your invitee’s D Points without affecting your invitee's DP balance.

Extended Invite Points:

Obtain another 1/25 of DP when your invitee's invitation code is used by their invitee.

Notes: You won’t receive any D Points if your invitees has no D Points.


Opportunities to boost your DP will also be available. For example, retweeting about this launch within a limited time window grants you a 50% DP increase.

In summary, higher DP may lead to enhanced rewards in future chapters. Best of luck and enjoy your trading journey on!

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