Dew Ambassador Program

Introducing the Dew Ambassador Program

Join us in spreading the word about the best Pro NFT marketplace aggregator on Polygon!

Application Status: Open

Ambassador Overview: is looking for passionate and knowledgeable individuals to join our community as ambassadors. As an ambassador, you will represent and showcase why it is the best NFT marketplace aggregator on Polygon. You will also have the opportunity to be a part of a top-tier community and promote our unique features and benefits that set us apart from other tools in the space.

As a Ambassador, you will join us, and engage with users across social media, Discord communities, Twitter Spaces, and other relevant channels to represent the very best of what has to offer.

What are my responsibilities as an Ambassador?
As a Ambassador, you will be expected to represent in any way possible via Social Media, Discord, Telegram, and any other means you deem necessary. You will work alongside a team of ambassadors, and will have the opportunity to share your knowledge and insights about to various groups and posts that revolve around misinformation, questions about, positive reviews, outlook on the tool, and more.

You may also be asked to create screen recordings to showcase’s features, and align with other ambassadors to do live streams to demo the tool to partners or interested groups and upcoming projects.

How can I apply?
Any user is eligible to apply for the Ambassador Program by filling out the application form found here.

Please note that we are looking for ambassadors who believe in and use on a daily basis.

Let’s work together to showcase the very best of what has to offer!


  • Making a Twitter thread about Dew or new features - 1 point

  • Making a Youtube video about Dew or new features - 3 points

  • Writing an article about Dew or new features - 2 points

  • Host/join a Twitter space about Dew or new features - 2 points

  • Connecting promising NFT projects and doing some campaigns - 5 points

  • Hosting a giveaway on social media to promote Dew or new features - 2 points

  • Collaborating with popular NFT artists or influencers to promote our NFT marketplace - 5 points

  • Participating in virtual events or conferences and promoting our NFT marketplace - 2 points

  • Translate the newest docs and AMAs and share them with other community members- 2 points


  • Dew Merch

  • Airdrop Box

  • IRL parties/events

  • Early access to our new features

If you are interested in building the best NFT marketplace on Polygon together, please fill out this form and let’s #dew it!

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