Today we’re extremely excited to announce GnosisScan!

GnosisScan is a block explorer and analytics platform for Gnosis Chain, which uses the xDai token for stable transactions. The tool queries the blockchain for price information and transaction statistics with the familiar UX of Etherscan. The new Gnosis Chain explorer will support ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 allowing users to search for transaction details related to fungible, non-fungible, and other configurations of token types. GnosisScan also comes with advanced proxy smart contract support, which includes minimal proxy, beacon proxy, and custom proxy. Additionally, GnosisScan includes tools such as Gas Tracker, Smart Contract Diff Checker, and Developer APIs to help developers build on Gnosis Chain. Developers can also use the available Truffle plugin and Hardhat plugin, which allows developers to automatically verify their smart contracts' source code on GnosisScan directly from the command line.

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