First mouse with bitcoin in its body

We are experimenting with genetic technology to put a bitcoin inside a mouse.

BitMouse started as a crazy idea to make a laboratory mouse carry a bitcoin inside its body.This significative event, both in the crypto world and in the art world, will be completed with the assistance of BitMouseDAO's donors.

Why do we do this?

One night a few weeks ago, just as I was going to sleep, an idea flashed through my mind. Being the artist that I am, I put this fleeting idea down on paper the next morning. Over the next few weeks I started looking around to see if it was possible to carry out the experiment. I was excited to imagine how this would affect us in the future.

The times are ever-changing, with countless new technologies and inventions being introduced every day. Whether it is biotechnology or cryptography, BitMouse is a product that incorporates a wide range of disciplines and technologies. In the art world, Eduardo Kac, who pioneered the discipline of bioart, used a fluorescent protein gene to make a rabbit glow in certain light.

Our expectations for the BitMouse are similar but more than that. We have tied the value of the mouse directly to Bitcoin, and it will fluctuate with the daily value of Bitcoin. Maybe in ten years it will be worth $100 million, or maybe it will be worth nothing. Ideally the offspring of the BitMouse would also carry the private key. And we would make specimens of them to sell at auction after they die of natural causes. At that point, a single Bitcoin would split into multiple specimens, but as soon as someone breaks the specimen to extract the genetic information and thus remove the BitMouse, the other specimens would lose their value. On the flip side, breaking the specimen and destroying the artwork may not even happen when bitcoins are worthless.

We're certainly looking forward to all the fun!

How do we carry that out?

There are four different bases in the base pairs that form the stable helix structure of DNA. They are called A (ADENINE ), T (THYMIN), G (GUANINE ) and C (CYTOSINE ) according to the initials of their names.

1.   We use cold wallet technology and then generate the private key offline. Bitcoins are purchased by fundraising and deposited in it.

2.    By working with biological company, we can break down the key into the corresponding ATGC sequence edited by quaternary encoding, which goes into the mice for fertilisation. We rely on a mouse surrogate for gestation until its birth.The whole process is legal and safe.

About BitMouse token

An important part of this experiment is the purchase of BitMouse can contribute here in exchange for governance tokens.

BitMouse holders will decide the direction of the community.

As the tokens have no profit forecast.After we reach the crowdfunding goal:

Damien Hirst/The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone
Damien Hirst/The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone

The community will keep the BitMouse. The first little BitMouse born will be made into a physical artwork. (The artwork is designed as a tribute to Damien Hirst's animal cadaver work.) Then, we will run a prize draw based on the percentage of donations (up to a maximum of 4%), the physical artwork will enter the wallet address of the winner, an early BitMouse donator, for free.

About BitMouseNFT

BitMouse is the first mouse with a bitcoin in its genes. BitMouse challenges people's perceptions. Its rebelliousness and unrestrained nature arouse controversy, but BitMouse doesn't care, showing off its two large incisors unabashedly. It pretends to be a real expert and shows off every detail it knows about art history: it imitates the Mona Lisa and wears a Monet Water Lilies Tee and wears, with  CryptoPunks as its pendant. What a surprise, right? BitMouse effortlessly balances the artistic values of classical and crypto arts. Each BitMouse is unique.

After we reach the crowdfunding goal:

1.  All 15 donors to BitMouseDAO in the first Phase will get a free mint. (There are 16 donors in the first phase. The first donor is one of our startup team members, so he will not receive the free mint with any doubt!)

2.  In the second phase, all donors who donate more than 0.1eth will also get a free mint. Also, donors who donate more than 0.1eth in the first phase will have another free mint.

3.  We will launch 7900 BitMouseNFTs for 0.05eth each after our crowdfunding campaign. (This BitMouseNFT is different from the BitMouseNFT for free.) All early donors in the first and second phases will automatically get whitelisted for pre-sale.

4.  BitMouse is available in the later public sale.

Except for the first BitMouse, each little BitMouse will be randomly assigned to any BitMouseNFT holder. (The rarity of the NFT may influence the chance of winning. Of course, we don't have clues of the winning percentage, either.)

About safety

Directly editing fertilized eggs:By editing genes within the non-coding region, this approach does not edit into useful proteins and does not have any effect on the mice themselves.

The private key is created in the form of a cold wallet. And we will sign a non-disclosure agreement with biological company to eliminate the possibility of private key leakage.

Why is DAO the best choice?


Inspired by ConstitutionDAO, We believe that the DAO format can make any crazy idea possible, which is extremely important in the art field. The innovation that breaks though the border is also exactly what humanity needs.BitMouseDAO also aims to be a pioneering and free community. Our fundraising can be used to discover and fund truly innovative projects or artistic practices. We can even use the technology to create crypto pets for those in need. Of course, BitMouse holders will determine the future of the community!

Finally, please help us to realise this crazy idea!

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