Introducing Metronome Loyalty Points

Become a loyal member of a thriving community and get rewarded for your on/off-chain participation.

What are Metronome Loyalty Points?

Metronome Loyalty Points are a way to measure your contribution and support for the Metronome ecosystem. To kickstart the campaign, users who engage in activities such as providing liquidity to msAsset pairs will earn loyalty points.

The loyalty program will run until May 12th, but keep your eyes peeled as new, time-sensitive tasks will be rolled out every two weeks.

The top 5 users will each receive individual rewards for their standout performance, alongside an NFT awarded to everyone participating in the campaign. The NFT tiers vary, with the top finishers receiving higher-tiered versions that reflect their ranking. What these NFTs unlock remains a mystery... for now.

How Do You Get Involved?

  1. Head over to

  2. Connect your wallet and all your relevant accounts for the best experience

  3. Complete each task by following the instructions

  4. Earn loyalty points and check the leaderboard to see how you are doing

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