Metronome Launches on Base

Following a successful MIP, Metronome has arrived on Base


We are always on the look out for new and exciting opportunities to upgrade Metronome and broaden our reach. This dedication has led us to select Base as the next integration, following our successful launches on Ethereum and Optimism.

Having achieved $20 million Total Value Locked (TVL), we see this as the perfect opportunity to expand our horizons and introduce Metronome to a new audience. We are confident that this expansion will boost our reach, especially given the growing demand and popularity of Base and its ever-growing ecosystem.

Supported Collateral

At launch, Metronome will be supporting the following assets on Base:

  • ETH

  • USDC

  • vacbETH

  • vawstETH

  • vaETH

  • vaUSDC

What is Base?

Base was launched in August 2023 by Coinbase and is a Layer 2 optimistic rollup utilizing the OP Stack to increase transaction efficiency and reduce network costs.

It debuted with over 100 dapps, offering near-zero gas fees and fast transactions while maintaining the high security of Ethereum. As an initiative incubated by Coinbase, Base plans to evolve into a decentralized, permissionless platform. It simplifies asset transfers between OP Stack chains, ensuring seamless interoperability and continued reliance on Ethereum for ultimate transaction validation.

Funding Base

Users must have funds on Base to deposit to Metronome-Base. Please refer to the Base docs and community channels for further information or assistance on funding Base.

How to Get Involved

To utilize Metronome on Base, you can take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to

  2. In the top right, click the drop-down and select “Base”

  3. You will now be able to choose from the collateral currently available on Base, or click “Smart Farming” on the sidebar to begin your looping journey

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