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November 11th, 2022

Fomosports Earning Tips

⚽FomoSports released a collection of NFT based on the Qatar 2022 World Cup, named Qatar 2022 World Cup Team SportCard(SportCard)⚽

⚽SportCard has 32 series (32 teams) in total, with 10,000 cards for each series. 32 teams were divided into groups A, B, and C with different prices and chances of winning an airdrop.
⚽368 Rare Cards included in SportCards, having a rare card means winning the airdrop.
⚽50 Master Cards in total. Players with a Master Card receive a share of the championship team directly when the game ends. However, Master Card cannot participate in either airdrop or FomoSports repurchase.

📌The game is currently in the testing phase. The official launch will be on 11/19.
📌The price of NFT and the dividend rules of the platform tokens(FST) during the internal test may be different from the official environment, but they should not differ much.

About FomoSports SportCard NFT

Fund Allocation
The funds obtained from the sale of each NFT will be circulated within the system and will not be given to the project owner, who will only take 8% as a handling fee.

The allocation of funds shown in their whitepaper is as follows:
-50% for Prize Pool
-40% for dividends
-5% for Airdrop
-5% for Vault

NFT Price:

  1. For NFTs in groups A, B, and C, the price of each NFT in the same series will be increased by 0.1% of the price of the previous NFT.

  2. Master Card is a fixed price.

About Dividend
According to the game mechanism, dividends in this game can be divided into 6 parts, they are Passive, Invitation, Repurchase, Champion Team, Last Deal, Repurchase, and FST Mining Dividend.

Passive Dividend:

For each NFT sold, 40% of that NFT will be distributed directly to all holders who previously purchased the series.

An example: if Player A is the 10th to purchase the Brazil NFT, then 40% of the funds from A's NFT purchase will be distributed equally to the 1-9 users who purchased the Brazil team.

From the analysis of passive returns and the NFT price growth mechanism, it is clear that early purchasers have a great advantage. Being an early purchaser not only enjoys the lowest price advantage but also greatly accelerates the payback cycle.

Invitation Dividend:

There are 2 levels of earnings as an invitee in the FomoSports mechanism (18% dividend for Level 1 and 2% for Level 2), or pri. and sec. as they mentioned in their whitepaper.

How do they define level 1 and level 2 then?

Suppose I invite player K, and player K authorizes to log into FomoSports' website for the first time through my invitation link and mint an NFT, then I will get 18% of K's mint price as a bonus.
Similarly, if player K invites S using his invite link, and S also minted an NFT, then K will get 18% of S's mint price, and I will get 2%.

The percentage of invitation dividends should be the highest in the whole game mechanics design except for the last deal.

Get your own invitation link from the page shown below:

And also you can check your invitation relationship and rewards here.

Personal Strategy:

After inviting people in, if the number of sold sets does not reach 2,000 sets then you can buy directly by set, if the number of sold sets is around 3,000 it is recommended to take into account the odds of the championship team, you can choose to combine Group A and Group B parts for mint, compress the cost to improve the odds. And of course, you have to measure up.

Last Deal:

As of the time I'm writing this, the prize for the last deal has accumulated 605 eth, which is indeed a feat. And it looks like it will continue to accumulate.

This part suggests the final stage to choose to buy Group B or Group C cheaper teams for mint, after all, at the end of the day, according to the price increase mechanism, the price of Group A should have been much higher, such as the Brazil team at this stage, the price has exceeded 1 eth(adding gas).

Champion Team Dividend:

For this part, the Master Card holders can receive direct dividends when games end as I mentioned at first.

Each team has an equal chance of winning the championship in the internal testing phase because the robot simulates elimination. And if it's a real game, those who like the World Cup can make bold predictions.

From the point of view of gaining revenue, in the absence of knowledge of football, it is most prudent to mint a full set of NFTs at first.

In my personal opinion, if you want to get a championship team dividend, it is feasible to mint a full set of NFTs after some of the teams are eliminated. After all, after the team is eliminated the corresponding NFT can no longer be minted. But the price of the elimination stage also needs to be taken into account.


If I understand correctly, FomoSports has officially set up a separate buyback pool that will be opened in two time periods, after the World Cup Final Top 16 and the finals.

Players holding NFTs of eliminated teams can choose whether to participate in the buyback. If you choose to participate in the buyback then you will be given the official formula to calculate the price of your NFT holdings, I don’t understand their formula, if interested, you can click the following link to see for yourself.
Repurchase & Burn - FomoSports

But with the support of this mechanism, if I buy the whole set in the early stage, I can participate in the buyback after part of the teams are eliminated, and the eth I get can be used again to participate in the last hand, which is not bad.

There is also a burn mechanism where all NFTs that have been repurchased and those that have not been minted by the end of the game will be destroyed. Will this NFT have a chance to increase in value after the whole game is over?

As of the time I am writing this article, the total number of transactions in the test network has reached 3,047eth.

Airdrops also look very tempting.
But unfortunately, these lucky people do not include me.

How to Play

Okay, the last part will be about how to play. It’s quite simple actually. The purchase page displays as:

Players can choose to buy by a single team or a whole set by clicking the button to switch, and You can choose the number of sheets or sets you want to buy, and the silly thing is that you can't directly enter it but only click the + or -.

When you have done mint, After a few minutes of refreshing the page, you can see all the NFTs you hold on the NFT page.

On the Earn page, you can see the total earnings from all parts and all can be claimed anytime you want.

Some Official Links:

Official Web:

Good luck to all and Do Your Own Research.

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