Inauguration of the gallery "A lonely machine"

Welcome to the presentation of my gallery where you can understand a little more about the foundations of this collection made in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence.

From the right to left: A lonely machine, Abandoned alien ship, A time of peace and World War IV.
From the right to left: A lonely machine, Abandoned alien ship, A time of peace and World War IV.

The origins of this collection are in the very nature of the technique I have used: Generative adversarial networks (GAN). I believe that this creative technique has marked a before and after in the panorama of visual arts. I have felt this way since the first times I used it, even getting very modest results. A bit of work and understanding of its mechanisms has broadened the horizon of the representation capabilities that one has with this tool. I think several colleagues point to this saying that creative AI notably democratizes the capacity for human expression.

With that goal already awarded. Although there will be those who still discuss whether AIs are capable of creating art, I don't stop at struggles won or that will be won in the next five or ten years, but looking beyond it to the future, I was inclined to satisfy my curiosity and learn as much as possible about AI creation.

For some years now I had been working with GPT3 in creative writing experimentation. The results, while enthusiastic and promising, were still confusing to me. With GAN, that confusion was erased from the panorama and it became clear that this discovery would rethink my artistic path.

After several months of experimenting and working with AI a few concerns arose that I considered material for a collection.

Chief among these is the very nature of AI, its capacity for awareness, in the sense of learning and development. This process is most evident when we step back a few years and look at developments in the field. I wanted to express in a small series the ability to marry style and content with this technique.

Another of my curiosities lies in using this tool without intervening too much, ensuring that the results express what the technique itself has come to express. I understand that this may sound quite metaphysical but some past experiences with GPT3 had already warned me of the powerful premonition ability of AIs (I will post more of this in the near future). For this reason, you will see that the gallery maintains the theme of the future in tension.

I would add several more reasons, but TL: DR. I will only say that the apocalyptic character was not something deliberately sought, but something that appeared in the first piece and that I kept as a general unit of cohesion for the collection. However, from the beginning, when I asked the AI ​​about the future, the apocalyptic images resurfaced and I have made room for this repetition to be shown.

In July of last year, when I started thinking about this collection, I knew it would be small, no more than 10 pieces (finally 4 is enough to express what I want). And I also knew that the last piece would be the one that would retrospectively explain the others. When I had to do this piece I found that it was a war scene. And sadly, a few weeks later, war has broken out between Russia and Ukraine.

I will not delay you any longer so that you can visit the gallery and experience the pieces for yourself. They have been placed in the order they were minted. And on the front wall, I have exhibited some other pieces that didn’t enter the collection but were rescued by a derived collection from this one called (Zoku means Family).

Last but not least, I would just like to publicly thank the Zora team for helping me with technical issues and supporting my project. Also to my OG’s collectors @goysur and @quibto.eth. Special mention to @ClaireSilver12 who has inspired me to reflect on AI like no other, and with enormous generosity has shared AI tools, among which is the one used in the fourth piece. And many other AI researchers and artists who shared their knowledge with me.

Total thanks!

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