Announcement on the 100,000,000 CUNPs Airdrop Program
March 22nd, 2022

Dear CUN community supporters,

To achieve upgrading from the first stage “Origin Network” to the second stage “Cape of Good Hope Network” , as planned in the roadmap, CUN plans to release CUNPs (Coopunion Network Point) which serves as network governance to all community members .The next step is to introduce more PoS community nodes onto the network for the further growth of CUN ecosystem. Today CUN are proud to announce that a broad airdrop plan of 100 million CUNPs are ready to get started, to all users across the network, as well as for CUN community members and users of applications built on CUN.

As of now, CUNPs in circulation account only for 1.929% of the total supply. After implementing the airdrop, CUNPs in market circulation are expected to reach 12% of the total supply, and the remaining uncirculated CUNPs will be generated and released through smart contracts based on contributions.

What you need to know
The total supply of CUNPs is 1 billion(the supply is limited), of which 650 million is dedicated to reward network maintenance and business contribution, 100 million for CUN Foundation, 150 million to reward the operation team, 100 million for the upcoming broad airdrop to community supporters.

100,000,000 CUNPs will be airdropped in the following three categories:

Category A: To registered users across the network

***Total amount:***20,000,000CUNPs

**Airdrop target:**users across the network

***Eligibility:***upon registration

First registration date*:*the second week of May

Second registration date*:*the first week of June

***Third registration date:***the first week of July

Each airdrop registration will last for one week

Distribution time: within two weeks following the listing of CUNP on CEX (expected in the first quarter of 2023), or within two weeks once the on-chain users reach 10 million prior to the listing date.

Note: specific registration rules will be published on the official website, please pay attention to the subsequent announcements

Category B: To cross-chain users

Total amount: 35,000,000 CUNPs

Airdrop target: cross-chain users who join CUN from Ethereum

Eligibility:by staking

Distribution time: to be determined Note: specific rules will be published on the official website, please pay attention to the subsequent announcements.

Category C: To eco-applications users

***Total amount:***45,000,000CUNPs

Airdrop target: users of Infiniteland and other eco-applications being built on CUN

***Eligibility:***members of relevant community

Distribution time: within 30 days following the launch of Infiniteland (expected in the April-May).

Note: specific rules will be published on the official website at, please pay attention to the subsequent announcements.


As the ultimate goal is to become a DAO-governed community, CUN has not conducted private or public offerings, nor has listed on any exchanges. Currently, CUNP is only attainable for free by joining the community and taking part in airdrop events;

The team will not ask for private keys or sell CUNPs to users on any condition. Please be alert to above risky behaviors in case of assets loss;

Please be alert to all phishing links. All information shall be subject to the announcement board of the official website If any suspicious behavior is found, you can give feedback through official website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord channel for verification.

About CUN

Coopunion Network is a distributed network infrastructure that continually evolves from Ethereum. It aims to build a blockchain network and ecosystem with high-performance, high stability and low cost, to improve users’ experience, to reduce use-cost, and to protect users’ assets in digital world. Ultimately CUN will be a DAO-governed network.

CUN is a Layer1 network with the mainnet coin CUNP (Coopunion Network Point), which can be used to pay the Gas fee on CUN, and is also the perpetual certificate that quantifies users’ contributions, as well as the tool for community governance.

In August 2020, motivated by their belief in the Bitcoin and the expectation of Web3 infrastructure with higher experience and lower cost, some crypto developers, industry practitioners, scholars, opinion leaders, industry organizations and NPOs decided to build a new public chain network with the improvement and continuous evolution of Ethereum as the starting point.

CUN’s early community has reserved a number of technology patents with a prominent university blockchain laboratory. The first group of nodes was connected to the network in July 2021 with its Origin Network online, and the network has been operating well for 8 months.

CUN is making technical and operational preparations for upgrading to the Cape of Good Hope Network. Currently, the CUN early community has not only built an independent public chain network, blockchain explorer, and wallet, but ecological partners have also developed applications based on the CUN, such as NVWA, the NFT digital collectibles sale platform (the registered users of the platform has exceeded 400,000), and Infiniteland, the metaverse platform, and several other applications are under development.

For more information, please refer to the white paper:

Thank you for your long-term support! CUN looks forward to working with to build “a high-performance Layer 1 network that continually evolves from Ethereum”, to welcome the era of metaverse and Web3, and to support the mass adoption of metaverse and Web applications with higher performance and lower cost.

CUN team
March 9, 2022

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