CUN, A high performance Layer 1 Network that continually evolves from Ethereum
December 30th, 2021

What is CUN?

CUN, short for “Coopunion Network”, is a distributed network infrastructure that evolves from Ethereum. It aims to build a blockchain network and ecosystem with high-performance, high stabibilty and low cost, to improve users’ experience, to reduce use cost, and to protect users’ assets in digital world. Eventually CUN will be a DAO-governed network.

What is CUNP?

CUNP is short for “Coopunion Network Point”. CUNP is to CUN as ETH is to Ethereum. It can pay Gas on CUN, and is also the perpetual certificate that quantifies users’ contributions , as well as the tool for community governance.

What is CUN’s development route?

CUN is currently at “Origin” stage, and will transform to “Cap of Good Hope” stage before eventually evolving to “New Generation” stage.

How to understand the three stages of CUN?

CUN’s “Origin” network is a Layer1 network with mainnet Coin, and its technical mechanism and performance are same as those of Binance Smart Chain (BSC). At the “Cape of Good Hope” stage, the core objective is to realize community governance. CUN nodes and community own multiple patents, and have published several papers in international famous journals. At “New Generation” stage, CUN will adopt these new technologies to improve Ethereum and ultimately iterate Ethereum.

Why CUN “Origin” network chose to develop based on Ethereum?

With the same intention that Ethereum was born to evolve Bitcoin, we believe that the next generation of public chains are not created without basis, but rather evolved from Ethereum. So CUN adopts the same strategy as BSC did in its early phase, the development and continuous evolution based on Ethereum.

Why CUN is not a Layer2 Ethereum network like Polygon?

To be a Layer2 Ethereum network is a easier choice, and it is possible to make better use of the ecological resources of Ethereum. But we believe that blockchain industry needs a different technical and ecological route away from its core developers. That’s why we chose a more challenging path to develop and evolve from Ethereum.

How will CUN evolve from Ethereum?

In terms of network performance, security and privacy, asset decentralization, and cross-chain interactions, CUN has made evolution and technical plans, and the details will be gradually disclosed to the community. Another difference from Ethereum is that CUN will have more features of Bitcoin era which we believe is an ideal age of the crypto industry, where there were no individuals with strong influences, no matter they were founders or investors.

Are there any CUN founders?

CUN was initiated by a group of people who have faith in Bitcoin and rich experience in crypto industry. They contributed their industrial, technological, and marketing experiences respectively to CUN. CUN does not have a unique or multiple founders, and in the future, it will be taken over by the community and governed by DAO.

How to configure CUN network?

Very easy. Open your Metamask app

Click Settings > add network.

Add CUN network:

CUN Mainnet



What can I use CUNP for?

CUNP can pay Gas on CUN, and is also the perpetual certificate that quantifies users’ contributions, as well as the tool for community governance.

  1. When you transfer your assets on CUN or use CUN-based Dapps, you need to pay a small amount of CUNPs as a Gas fee, which is about 1/10000 of that on Ethereum;
  2. Your CUNPs can be exchanged to assets built on CUN. There are more and more Dapps and assets being built on CUN;
  3. You can stake your CUNPs to participate in node elections and obtain quantifiable voting rights for CUN governance. For node elections and governance, please follow community announcements.

How to engage in the development of CUN community?

  1. CUN community welcomes professionals to take part in network construction as global volunteers to translate, develop technologies and promote CUN communities. If you have relevant skills, you can apply in CUN Telegram community “CUN Community” to be our volunteer.
  2. If you seek for community assistance to deploy Dapps on CUN, you can join our technical community through CUN Telegram group “CUN Community”.
  3. CUNP did not have a private placement yet. All investors who wish to engage in the construction of CUN can take part in CUNP exchange fairly with all community participants through CUNP exchange channels that will be open subsequently.
  4. If you wish to engage more in future development of CUN, you can apply to be a CUN node, and take part in community governance.

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