CUN Weekly(2.21-2.27)
March 7th, 2022

On February 23rd CUN new website beta version is online, marking the network upgrading from the Origin Network to the Cape of Good Hope Network.

he new website is also been optimized for mobile end.

Function for PoA nodes voting is optimized in the system.

The team discussed how to introduce PoS nodes (Community nodes) onto the network, and the solution will be announced to the community once defined.

On the occasion of the launch of the new website, the community initiated a Spot Bugs and Win contest, called on users to visit the new website and help to find any problems that may have on the website.

CUN community now is on Discord: More discussions will take place in Discord channel.

CUN regional community will organize activities in different languages respectively, users are welcome to join group and take part in activities:

CUN Community discussed the plan of KYC airdrop.

Nvwa users now is able to gift their NFTs on the platform .

Nvwa is preparing a second exposition in Decentraland.

Digital Villagers II is sold out.

Users can visit the Nvwa website to discover more collectibles on sale.

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