Hey, AnonDid you know that Mushrooms are living organisms too? And that each living organism emits vibrations that can be translated into sounds via some slightly technical devices called synthesizers?

Every sound is a vibration. Every vibration is energy.

When you hear a sound, air vibrations reach your eardrum and are transmuted in electric inputs from your cochlea so that your brain can process what you are hearing.

Everything about sound is cyclic, as in life.

This was our dogma when we were testing the boundaries of connection between organic life and generation of new sounds, and even though we live in a world where almost everything has been tested and made, we found out that approach is what matters.

In the last few years there has been a lot of research on electrical outputs from living organisms, and the ones on Mushrooms caught our attention.

Tech guys began to connect them to a synthesizer (with the help of Arduino modules and other resources) in order to convert mushroom electrical activity into sounds (mostly “cloudy” ambience and “dreamish” opus).

Mushroom electrical activity has been ranked on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is a “silent” shroom and 10 is a really intense and “chaotic” one.

Introducing Shroomuzik: Feel and Hear your Shroomiez Melodic Frequency

Shroomuzik is a composition of actual and proper music pieces with samples and sounds derived from sound waves generated by mushrooms, which ranks characteristics and features of these tracks respecting the mushroom electrical activity scale. So, level 0 will result in a short and “simple" sound, and level 10 in a more “complex” and complete track.

Each of our tracks is made with the same kind of process using an Arduino, but taken to another level, in a context where they are proper sounds that adapt to the standard of modern music requirements.

The initial Shroomuzik has been generated using a common Porcini Mushroom. This leaves us with 35 Shroomiez species whose sounds have not been synthesized yet. Under the suggestion of several musicians who were interested in the project, we came up with a fresh idea to engage more music aficionados: providing a completely free and easy-to-use DAW for anyone to create tracks out of the Mushroom sounds, which will be uploaded on a monthly basis and rewarded with SHROOMIEZ-ETH LP tokens.

A DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation that wraps up a series of softwares plug-ins and audio samples. In the last decade DAWs became the standard tool for music production, from amateurs to professionals.

The ShroomDAW

The ShroomDAW (web app) will enable the community to seamlessly access a user-friendly DAW interface which they can use to remix Mushroom sounds and turn them into Shroomuzik tracks.

Every month, the sound of one of 35 mushroom species of Shroomiez will be uploaded to the Shroomuzik dashboard and anyone will be able to take that sound and turn it into a Shroomuzik track. At the end of the month, Shroomiez holders will vote on their favorite tracks, with the track having most votes becoming the official Shroomuzik track for that Species of Shroomiez, replacing the initial base Porcini soundtrack. And of course, the author of the winning track will be rewarded with some juicy SHROOMIEZ-ETH LP tokens.

The ShroomDAW would enable music enthusiasts of all levels to explore the mesmerizing sounds of various Shroomiez species, connecting organic life with generative music in a unique way. A monthly unveiling journey allowing collectors and music aficionados to own exclusive pieces of this organic audio journey, forever capturing the essence of the mystical Shroomiez.

The next Shroomuzik article will delve into the details of the development of the DAW and how the community could actively participate in shaping the future of Shoomuzik.

Of course, all of this will be backed and enhanced with a thicc layer of SHROOMIEZ-ETH LP rewards for participants. More on that in our previous articles Thicc Liquidity and an Ample Network, A Fair Shroomlist to Bridge the Gap.

To have a taste of the Shroomuzik melodies, visit the Shroomiez Discord (Yes, another link. Invites are limited to, idk, 50?)

Minting this article will definitely not give you anything special, especially if you are collecting all of them. Maybe you get a special melody, or idk. NFA.
Minting this article will definitely not give you anything special, especially if you are collecting all of them. Maybe you get a special melody, or idk. NFA.
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