A Guide to Web3 for the People

Dear Reader,

Whether you’re a Web3 nerd, tech bro, artist, teacher, celebrity, scientist or all of them, this article has something to offer you. It will explore the why and how’s of the next generation of NFT-based cryptographically verifiable trust.

As Intrinsic puts out in his Intrinsic Coordination in Digital Assets: It is primarily distributed peer-to-peer learning that drives investment interest. The more meme marketing and propaganda, the more people call crypto a ponzinomics scam. But the more deep content threads and thought pieces, the more outsiders & fence-sitters are convinced of the value.

Shroomiez offer a solution to aid the inevitable shift from an era of self-promotion, where brands have to pay to promote their product, to one where promotion is based on quality, durability and trust.

If we succeed in promoting the right infrastructures, communities, and applications, then we will have true mass adoption. With the right tools and a community which believes in decentralized solutions, lies the opportunity to achieve true mass-scale adoption of decentralization.

Introducing Shroomiez

Shroomiez is an NFT collection, community and platform which:

  • Enables holders to decide on what is featured in the Shroomieverse

  • Gives access to the most trusted dApps and features the best NFT collections 

  • Incentivizes the creation and reproduction of high quality content

660 Shroomiez NFTs will be minted this month. Each Shroomiez is hand-drawn by our talented artist Gigi, with traits and attributes derived from 36 different species of Mushroom, as well as a special musical trait called Electrical Spiking Activity, after a recent study made on the “Language of Fungi”. More on the shroom-music features in the next articles.

Once Beramarket launches (very soon if Beras don’t lie, which they don’t), 6000 generative Shroomiez NFTs will follow, released from the spores of the Berachain network. They will be randomly generated using the hand-drawn traits taken from the 36 different species of mushroom. What else is special about them?

  1. They’ll be reserve-backed, leveraging Beramarket’s innovative NTLC (NFT Treasury and Liquidity protocol) allowing NFTs to be redeemed against accumulated treasury assets.

  2. Shroomiez will go multi-chain thanks to Layerzero, facilitating access for the normies who don’t want to spend loads on gas fees.

  3. Shroomiez travel the multiverse: this means each Shroomiez receives special access to both physical and digital world events, items and experiences.

Shroomieverse: The Collective Wisdom Platform

Fortunately for us, there is a good number of content creators who have been consistently creating high-quality content, delivering valuable knowledge to their audiences.

Whether it is Youtube videos or Twitter threads covering new or already existing blockchains and applications, most creators don’t get barely enough recognition, nor does that content reach a fraction of its potential audience.

The reason? Simply put, misalignment of incentives in web2 (and partially web3) advertising culture. It is prevalently skewed towards pay-to-promote instead of incentivising word-of-mouth.

Shroomiez will lay the foundations for a collective wisdom platform where the true connoisseurs of networks, applications and communities, who have skin in the game and want to put it at stake can do so by curating the Shroomieverse via their ownership of Shroomiez.

Shroomiez holders will be able to vote on what thousands, eventually millions, of “normies” see and interact with in the Shroomieverse. Imagine Curve Wars, but for the attention of millions of eyes (and their liquidity). NFT collections, dApps, Web3 games, Metaverses – the real Web3, curated by real Web3 OGs.

Of course, this is based on the assumption that tremendous traffic will be generated on the Shroomiez website. 

How To Generate Such Traffic, You Ask?

There is an ocean of personalities of all kinds with audiences of all sizes which have been thoroughly waiting for the right moment to start learning and sharing about Web3 with their audiences.

This is our opportunity to provide them with the right content, tools and support for this to happen. The incentive layer? NFTfi offers us the tools to create this incentive layer.

Shroomiez will tokenize a number (TBA) of Shroomiez NFTs and will distribute a fixed, pre-programmed amount of fractional Shroomiez (fractionalized via Caviar initially, then on Beramarket once it launches) to anyone who shares content featured in the Shroomieverse with their audience. The rewards should be distributed at the end of each epoch proportionate to the number of clicks each person generates through their audience. Links should be easily tracked using personal customized links generated for each account who wants to share Shroomieverse content with their audiences.

We are looking into future iterations of the Shroomieverse which will enable content creators as well as anyone with an audience to log their content and reposts respectively on-chain, potentially using the Lens Protocol to start with.

What To Expect?

Millions of normies who participate in Web3 while getting the best out of it – and a shift from incentives to self-promote, to incentives to promote others, based on cryptographically verifiable truth. 

Shroomiez is not like your typical NFT collection. Shroomiez brings benefits to the entire Web3 ecosystem, its creators, the normies and to its holders, going far beyond your imagination. From wearing your Shroomiez on video-calls and in video production, to a gamified experience based on real world activity monitoring through a fashion-tech wearable device, to the extremely exclusive real world events which will be made available to Shroomiez members: Shroomiez got you covered – No seriously, we gotcha.

When Mint? This month, stay tuned.

How to mint? Check the shroomiez.world website as soon as it goes live. 

How to get Shroomlisted? Check the discord. 

See You Soon.

Yours Truly,


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Hey there! If you got this far, don't forget to collect this entry. It will be worth it!
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