Shroomiez Right Click, Save! Campaign

What better way of bootstrapping a community than with a campaign that embodies the true essence of Web3.

Many of you might remember that when the masses first became aware of NFTs, many of those uninformed poor-souls would rant under the twitter posts of NFT owners with comments such as:

Oh, you spent $100k for this “NFT”? I just right click saved it and now it’s mine too.

Hah, little did they know that they were setting the foundations to what Milady and few other NFT communities leveraged to rise to the top.

Right click save should be embraced up to the limits of where the NFT IP allows it.

In our case, we openly recommend everyone to allow their audiences to use their NFTs as profile pictures and what not. Of course, that doesn’t mean business purposes, which is a very different story and which we do not endorse.

However, the vibes are clear: be as inclusive as possible because at the end of the day, what matters is who owns the private keys to the NFT.

And of course, every major social platform is shifting it’s UI to allow NFT owners to safely prove the ownership over the NFTs they chose to wear online, hence this right-click-save attitude can only be +EV for an NFT project and it’s community.

For a chance to win 1 of 3 Tubby Cats and *maybe* a Shroomlist:

Interact with your favorite Web3 projects as a Shroomie and rise to the top of the Leaderboard, it’s that simple.

From DeFi projects to NFTs and NFTfi platforms, most of you are already savvy users of the gud tech, as well as members of some truly great communities.

We need to get the new-entrants to put their eyes on the gud stuff, so that they can stay instead of leave immediately after they lose their money.

The following examples are some of the major DeFi & NFTfi projects and NFTs that will be monitored:

DeFi: Curve, Liquity, AAVE, LayerZero, Berachain

NFTs: Tubby Cats, Milady & OG derivatives, Crypto Punks & BGAN Punks, Pudgy Penguins, Bears (Bong & rebases), The Honey Jar, Bears on Bikes, Berapunks

NFTfi: Sudoswap, Caviar, LLamalend

Leaderboard and Scoring

A proper scoring system has been developed to reward the participants of this Right-Click-Save campaign, and we must admit it wasn’t an easy task at all. However, with the help of many bright Shroomiez, the task was accomplished and hereby we announce it to you.

First of all, let’s see what Interactions and Content pieces we are talking about:


Twitter: tweets, replies, retweets and quote tweets

Discord: from gm’s to insightful comments and discussions


Threads, Videos & Photos, Memes, Articles

Scoring (Points) System

For each genuine interaction you receive 1 point.

For each genuine piece of content you can receive from 2 to 5 points.

It’s that simple.

A team of many Shroomiez is monitoring everything 24/7 to make sure points are fairly awarded.

The team will be openly discussing everything on Discord, to keep everything as transparent and fair as possible.

Why Tubby Cats?

Well, several reasons actually:

  1. We believe it offers the best cost-quality value to its owner (at current 0.035 ETH floor price)

  2. It was one of Mirko’s first favorite NFT collections (and still is)

  3. They’re pretty damn amazing, from the community made art to the community itself

Making more people aware about the presence of such amazing collections & their communities is the first step to onboarding them into the right corners of Web3.

The following Tubby Cats are the protagonists of this campaign (currently held in the Shroomiez treasury):

Ahh, the Cuteness
Ahh, the Cuteness

First Step to Onboard the Masses

Shroomiez is launching it’s official Instagram account on Monday, and this campaign will be the first thing that thousands of normies will see. We are sure that the yet uneducated (on Web3) normies will love the Tubbys, and we hope that such a valuable asset paired to the magic of Shroomlists will be enough to start the fire of the upcoming Shroomiez revolution.

On Monday, the Shroomiez Right Click, Save! Campaign will go live and 10 special Shroomiez will be offered to you all as a token of appreciation. Just right click save one and its yours to use as a profile picture, to print it on tshirts, mugs, private jets. Whatever you want. Except using it to generate revenue for commercial uses; the Shroomiez will hunt you in that case, because we are not granting a commercial usage license here, just social media vibe enabler, ya know?

As you wait for Monday to come, check what the Shroomiez down here has to say.

See you soon.. very soon.

Our Limited Mirror Article series is almost over, which means... you guessed it: Shroomiez are minting soon. Very soon. Don't miss the opportunity to mint all the articles for a chance to win absolutely nothing special.
Our Limited Mirror Article series is almost over, which means... you guessed it: Shroomiez are minting soon. Very soon. Don't miss the opportunity to mint all the articles for a chance to win absolutely nothing special.
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