Shroomiez Art: Behind The Scenes

Dear Reader,

On behalf of the Shroomiez team, I am very excited to finally share some of the creative process for the Shroomiez NFTs collection.

Shroomiez is born as an idea for an educational space in Web3, that is also fun and offers a variety of opportunities. Naturally we needed the art to represent the tone of the project just as so; playful, charming and welcoming to all.

Our theme explores much more than the simple idea of a mushroom and its quirks. Instead, we go deeper and browse the fascinating diversity present throughout mushrooms of all kinds. Furthermore, we were inspired by the impact that mushrooms had on different cultures over time, mostly because of their psychedelic influence and abilities.

The art is inspired by a variety of artistic styles and interpretations of mushrooms as characters created over time. We wanted to make sure that our Shroomiez mirrored cuteness, charm, approachability and humour, with a touch of fantasy.

There are approximately 36 different mushroom species present in the Shroomiez collection, with a balanced variation of common and rare species. The

selection of species was a carefully done process, to make sure we portrayed each specie as realistically as possible in terms of colors and cap shape. Moreover, the difference between all the species creates an important visual harmony to the collection as a whole.

The Shroomiez NFT collection has many individual traits and attributes that together create the perfect Shroomie, such as: cap shape, mood, outfit, accessory, species and background. Each trait has a selection that varies from common to rare, and they have all been randomly distributed. The various possible Shroomiez combinations given the vast attribute options is what allows each Shroomie to be so different from each other. Obviously the combination of traits is what determines the rarity or value of the NFT… but don’t worry, they are all extremely cute!

The 1st Generation of Shroomiez NFTs is truly special. Not only because it’s the beginning of something great, but also because the NFTs have been hand-drawn one by one, which will not be the case for Gen 2 (more info coming soon). This allows the collection to have greater variety and individuality in terms of color and combination of traits. Each trait was carefully selected and adapted for the making of each NFT, which required intense attention to detail and provides further individuality to every Shroomie.

Shroomiez has a long way to go and our team is working hard everyday to make this possible. This is the beginning of our story. We are very excited to share it with you. If you’ve made it this far, buckle up because there is a great journey ahead.

See you on the other side of the rainbow.

                                                                                                              Sincerely, GigiArt.

Don't forget to collect this article to receive absolutely nothing special, especially ahead of the upcoming Mint *wink*
Don't forget to collect this article to receive absolutely nothing special, especially ahead of the upcoming Mint *wink*
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