RICE Token Distribution

Together with the achievement of the objectives proposed in this crowdfunding, we will launch the $RICE token for our contributors and a part for airdrops.

From the day we set sail on this ship, we knew we had to create a token that would serve our users and unify all of our services and dreams.

Project Tokenomics

We will launch a total of 10,000,000 $RICE tokens.

Of the 15% of $RICE we hold, 5% will be used for future airdrops on our new services to reach new users within 12 months.

The remaining 10% (1,000,000) will be used to capitalize the company and add mining power in the name of Ricemining. This will help create new services quickly with the hiring of:

  • Solidity programmer to be selected in the Ethereum community.
  • Growth Manager to retain our users and improve the CTR of our marketing plan.
  • Product Manager with the aim of continuing to develop our crypto mining service, reduce costs and increase returns for each of our investors.

Crowdfunding Contributors:

All of you, who share our vision and want to support us, will receive 100 $RICE for every USD contributed to the project.

$RICE tokens can be used to invest in Ricemining services:
crypto mining
Buying and selling crypto mining contracts (marketplace)
Staking $RICE

Launch $RICE

If you have any concerns about the project or want to know more, just write to us so we can answer you. We are happy to be here and hope to have your support to reach our goal.

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