Community Crypto Mining for all users

Why Ricemining?

Ricemining is not just a project, it is a company active since 2021 that we decided to launch this idea to the whole world.
We created Ricemining with the idea of bringing cryptocurrencies to the entire population.

Ricemining is like rice, available on all continents and the most consumed food in the world, easy to grow and full of nutrients.

Ricemining tries to be this, a company accessible to anyone in the world and with the possibility of changing the reality of our investors through cryptocurrencies.

We decided to launch this Crowdfund to finish launching our crypto mining service.

What do we do?

Investments in crypto mining with dividends in Ether cryptocurrency for 36
months by contract without deposit or withdrawal fees.

In summary: We sell mining power on the Ethereum blockchain through mh/s. Ricemining's business model is the sale of predefined contracts.

What do our investors earn?

Our investors obtain monthly returns according to the capital contributed in the Ricemining pool.
Earnings are charged in cryptocurrency directly to the virtual wallet.

How do we make money?

We charge a 15% commission on the returns obtained from each investor. This commission includes the cost of maintenance of the equipment and also the cost of electricity and internet.
In addition, with the profits obtained by Ricemining, part of them are reinvested in mining power on behalf of the company to generate new returns.

That makes us different?

  • We do not charge extra fees for investing or for withdrawing monthly profits.
  • We have the most competitive electric cost.
  • Team with extensive experience in crypto mining with AMD, NVIDIA and dual mining equipment.

Our low costs allow us to offer greater profitability than our competitors.

Internet cost: 16.99 $

Electric cost: 0.05 $ kw/h

In addition, through our blog we encourage education in cryptoeconomics and learning about blockchain.


We are 3 founders, Jonathan (who writes here), Sergio and Natalia.
Currently we have added Elias, UX/UI designer, Rosendo our lawyer specialized in blockchain law and finally Adrian our programmer.


162 users
60% of them reinvest their capital to earn compound interest.
12% of them reinvest their capital every month.

Where are we registered?

We decided to register the company in Delaware, United States in order to offer legal certainty to our users.

Where are we physically?

Both the mining equipment and the founders, we are in Argentina, South America.

If you made it this far, we especially appreciate your time. In the following notes we explain why we are doing crowdfunding and what we offer in return.


What are we searching for?

We want to raise 40 ETH to launch our roadmap and start scaling in English-speaking countries:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • India
  • South Africa

Road map

  • Integration with API Metamask (complete).
  • Partnership with Transak (complete).
  • Marketing plan launch on Google and Reddit Ads. (coming soon)
  • RICE Token Launch (Q4)

If we manage to get 40 ETH we will be able to launch our marketing plan in the selected countries.

If we get 80 ETH we will be able to launch our token, which will allow us to add new services and offer higher returns to our users.

We seek to be the largest public community crypto mining company and this is the path we have planned.

RICE token launch

The utility token called RICE will serve to:

  1. Acquire credits for Ricemining services.
  2. Invest in crypto mining service.
  3. Token staking in Ricemining Stake service.
  4. Invest in future Ricemining services.
  5. Purchase and sale of active mining contracts. (marketplace)

Acquire credits for Ricemining services

Currently when our investors buy a service such as a crypto mining plan, once the investor buys the plan and pays for it, this plan starts running automatically.
With the inclusion of credits through utility tokens, the investor will be able to dispose of their capital and decide what to do with the tokens at the time they want, for example, invest in crypto mining, staking, etc.

Invest in crypto mining service

Through the RICE token, the investor will be able to invest part or all of their tokens in the cryptomining service, which will generate monthly returns on the company's mining in the available blockchains. This service provides new RICE tokens to the investor through the aforementioned monthly returns.

RICE token staking

The investor will be able to put in flexible staking, (30, 60, 90, 120 or 360 days), their RICE tokens to generate new returns based on APY. These returns will also be obtained through the RICE token.

Invest in future Ricemining services

As the company continues to develop and add new services, the RICE token will allow investing in these services/products with the same simplicity and security as the rest of the possibilities mentioned.

Buying and selling of mining contracts

Through the RICE token, investors will be able to put their active crypto mining contracts in the company up for sale through the Ricemining marketplace. These contracts will be exchanges for RICE tokens for either the buyer or seller. The value of the contract will always be assigned by the seller.

What we offer?

To all users who help us in this stage, for every dollar received, we will offer 100 RICE tokens which can be used in our crypto mining, staking and any other service that we launch in the future.

Final Questions and Answers

We decided to prepare some frequent answers to the questions that we get asked the most so far.

  1. What will happen to Ricemining when Ethereum migrates to Ethereum 2.0 (PoW to PoS)?

    Ricemining will switch to other alternative mining algorithms like ETC or RVN. We will also analyze dual mining.

  2. Why don't we mine Bitcoin?

    Mining Bitcoin is much more expensive than other networks, this means that we should increase the cost of our investment packages to acquire equipment compatible with this algorithm. This goes against our idea of bringing cryptocurrencies closer to everyone.

  3. Why are we in South America?

    Well… to answer this question: check what is happening with crypto mining in Asia or the costs of mining in Europe or USA.

Finally, we want to thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves here and we invite everyone to write to us if you have any concerns about our service or future plans. We will always be happy to answer.