Join PRINT3R’s Ambassador Program: Earn & Engage with a $5,000 Prize Pool!

The essence of community and collaborative growth takes centre stage. PRINT3R stands firmly with the belief that the community is at the heart of innovation. Today, we're more than thrilled to present the PRINT3R Ambassador Program – a platform where your voice not only matters but echoes far and wide, resonating with like-minded enthusiasts and creators.

Understanding the Ambassador Program

An ambassador program is a collaborative platform where enthusiasts, content creators, and community members actively participate to foster growth and innovation within the ecosystem. Through the PRINT3R Ambassador Program, you get to be the face and voice that bridges the community and our groundbreaking platform.

Why Become a PRINT3R Ambassador?

Dive into the exciting world of PRINT3R, where we firmly believe in the transformative potential of community-driven insights. The PRINT3R Ambassador Program is your golden ticket to not only immerse yourself deeper into the crypto realm but also stand a chance to be a part of our rewarding journey.

Here, every piece of feedback is a treasure - be it praise, constructive criticism, or innovative ideas. And to show our appreciation, we've initiated a substantial Monthly Prize Pool, starting at a staggering $5,000, with potential for growth each month! It's our little way of saying thank you for your valuable insights and engagement.

But that's not all; as a PRINT3R ambassador, you'll open doors to a vibrant community and an array of exciting benefits that only keep growing. Here's a sneak peek into what awaits you:

Community Engagement and Networking: Get to connect with fellow crypto enthusiasts, share insights, and foster connections that could potentially translate into collaborative opportunities.

Personal Growth: Being an ambassador allows you to hone your skills, gain recognition in the crypto community, and potentially open doors to new opportunities and career paths.

Rewards and Recognition: As you climb the ambassador tiers, reap a myriad of rewards that recognize your efforts and contributions to the community.

Let's Delve Deeper: The Perks Awaiting PRINT3R Ambassadors

1. Tiered Rewards System: As you deepen your engagement and contribute more, you ascend our ambassador tiers - each bringing its own set of perks:

Bronze Tier:

  • Monthly Prize Pool: A chance to share in our monthly prize pool, starting at $5,000 (with potential growth).

  • Bronze Tier badge in discord

Silver Tier (In addition to Bronze rewards):

  • Networking: Exclusive opportunities to connect with crypto loyal and fellow ambassadors.

  • Internship & Job Opportunities: Showcase your prowess and there could be a spot for you in our team.

  • PRINT3R SWAG: Exclusive Merchandise to showcase your affiliation with PRINT3R

  • Silver Tier badge in discord

Gold Tier (In addition to Bronze & Silver rewards):

  • Exclusive Invitations: VIP access to our events, product launches, and more.

  • The PRINT3R Twitter Affiliation Badge: Wear it as a badge of honor, signaling your elite status in the PRINT3R community.

  • Gold Tier badge in discord

  • 1-1 Access to the core team

  • Collaboration Opportunities: Allow ambassadors to collaborate on official PRINT3R projects or campaigns.

2. A Welcoming Space: We truly value genuine opinions. From praising what you love about us to pointing out areas we can get better at, or bringing up new hurdles to tackle - we're all ears for what you have to say.

3. Continuous Support: Our commitment to our ambassadors is unwavering. Stick with us, keep the content flowing, and the rewards will keep coming.

How to Get Started?

Becoming an ambassador is a journey, not just a title. Here's how you can embark on this journey with PRINT3R:

  1. Create & Share: Craft content around PRINT3R. Dive deep, explore, and radiate your unique perspective. Share your findings, experiences, or critiques with your audience. Authenticity is paramount; we welcome all shades of opinions — the good, the bad, and yes, even the unexpected.

  2. Apply for the Ambassador Role: We're always reviewing applicants, but remember, the more content you produce, the more vibrant your application becomes. Apply:

Engage in Our Community: Optionally, join our Discord community! We've set up a dedicated channel for ambassadors, making it easier for you to share your content, interact with us, and get instant feedback from fellow creators.

Stay Engaged: This isn’t a one-time thing. We'll be continuously monitoring and recognizing ambassadors. Consistency in content creation not only enhances your visibility but also solidifies your standing in our program, unlocking the myriad of benefits we offer.

Eligibility & Scope:

  1. All Are Welcome: No minimum followers or subscribers required. We believe in quality and authenticity over quantity.

  2. Platform Diversity: We embrace content creators from all countries & major platforms – whether you're tweeting in Chinese on Twitter, vlogging in Spanish on YouTube, streaming on Twitch, or sharing on Facebook.

  3. Twitter-Specific Requirement: For those leveraging Twitter, a subscription to Twitter Blue (indicated by the blue badge) is a prerequisite for participation.

Be Part of PRINT3R's Story and Help Shape What's Next

The PRINT3R Ambassador Program is more than just teamwork - it's about creating a strong bond where we learn and grow together in the dynamic DeFi environment. We see a future where our ambassadors are playing a key role, helping us shape the journey with their combined efforts and valuable insights.

Ready to leave your mark and influence the DeFi world? We're eager to boost your voice in this collaborative venture.

What is PRINT3R?

PRINT3R is a gamified decentralized derivatives platform that focuses on ease of use and encouraging user loyalty through engaging user interactions, and sharing revenue.

Trade liquid crypto assets at up to 50x leverage without the fuss of KYC or sign-up. Just connect your wallet, and you're in. Our platform guarantees no price impact on longs, shorts, and swaps, all at minimal fees.

Derivatives are a cornerstone in the crypto realm. PRINT3R’s ambition is to elevate this model, merging key success elements from each aspect of the web3 landscape.

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