when you stream your favorite songs on e.g. spotify - owners (rightsholders) of that music are eligible to receive money (royalties).

examples of music owners (rightsholders) are:
labels, artists, producers, and songwriters.

these royalties are normally paid out to the owners
quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

a good rule of thumb is that for every million streams on streaming services (e.g. spotify) - $3,000-4,000 is paid out to the owners (rightsholders) of the song.

the payout is divided between the rightsholders based on their ownership share.

normally, the biggest owner is the label.


people have been investing in music for many years.

in 1997, “bowie bonds” were issued which were a type of bond backed by artist david bowie’s royalty streams.

as of today, many companies have invested billions of dollars in buying music catalog.


anotherblock exists to make this market available to you.

we believe that by creating an open free market for buying & selling music rights - the value of music will increase.

simultaneously, artists can build an even stronger relationship with those who create this value - the fans.

on anotherblock, owners (rightsholders) of music sell digital assets containing a share of the economic ownership in songs.

when you have bought a digital music asset, you are eligible to receive your share of the streaming royalties generated by that song.

purchase is available with both credit card and ethereum (Ξ).

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