HyperPay Agent Program: Unveil Your Path to Wealth!

As HyperPay enters a new era, we bring you an upgraded version of the Agent Program, an arena full of challenges and opportunities. We don't just provide substantial daily rebates, but also various value-added services and advantages, ensuring constant business growth and multiplied earnings.

How to Seize Profit Opportunities with HyperPay?

Explore our Card Promotion and Generous rebate Details:

Ordinary Physical Cards, with each sale, you're not only contributing to the HyperPay ecosystem, but also gaining a steady income of at least $52. During specific promotional periods, your rebate can even reach up to $67.6, ensuring you substantial returns effortlessly.

Premium Physical Cards, representing quality and prestige. Whenever someone chooses a Premium Physical Card through your recommendation, you earn a minimum rebate of $66, and under optimal conditions, this number can go up to $86.3.

Virtual Cards, light and efficient. With each sale, you can earn rebates ranging from $6 to $7.8. It's simple and straightforward, with clear returns.

With a virtual card priced at $30, you can expect a minimum guaranteed rebate of $12, and during peak periods, it can even reach $15.6.

If your friends upgrade to the Hyper Rebate Card, you'll receive a guaranteed minimum rebate of $120, with the potential to go up to $150.

In essence, for every card you promote, you'll earn a profit of at least 25% or even over 50%! For example, promoting a virtual card for overseas shopping can bring you a minimum income of $6. As you complete the Agent's tiered promotion tasks, you'll enjoy additional rebate rewards, or excess income! Here, you have a stable channel and user resources; your rebate entirely depends on your abilities and efforts!

Apart from the direct rebates from direct promotions, you'll also earn rebates from indirect friends. This means that your team members or friends you invite will continue to bring you income, letting you enjoy the results.

However, please note, this isn't just a one-time promotion income.

Every card you promote, even every deposit, will bring you rebate income. This rebate starts at a minimum of 0.2% and can go up to 0.26%! And it applies to indirect friends as well. As long as your direct and indirect friends continue to use the card, you'll receive a continuous stream of income.

But that's still not all. As an agent, you'll contribute to the development of HyperPay for new users and even earn rebates from contract transactions, with a minimum of 70% and potentially up to 82%!

Here's one more thing, rebate rewards will be settled at a fixed time every day, and you can withdraw them the next day, making it convenient for you to access your earnings anytime. This isn't just a fantasy; it's a viable opportunity.

In a bear market, this is a rare and easy way to earn money. What are you hesitating for? Take action now, become a HyperPay agent, and embark on your journey of easy earnings!

Next, let me provide you with a detailed introduction to the agent rebate tier structure, specific earnings, and the features of the promoted products. First, let's take a look at how to become an esteemed HyperPay agent:

How to Become an Agent

Users need to complete KYC verification within the wallet and click on the "Apply to Become an Agent" button on the Agent page to automatically submit their application. The existing agent mechanism will continue to operate based on the current structure. Gold, Silver, and Bronze agents will all be unified under the starting point of Level 3 agents, and rebate amounts will be settled based on the conversion status of the day. Previously unclaimed rebate amounts will still be retained, allowing for continued accumulation and withdrawal.

After becoming an agent, it's important to understand what promotions can help you earn money. Currently, there are two promotional activities: HyperCard and HyperPay Future contracts. Let's briefly understand them:

HyperCard Product Features

HyperCard is a crypto asset prepaid card introduced by the HyperBC Group, integrating functions such as cross-border payments, consumption, asset storage, and lightning exchanges. It supports dozens of mainstream deposit currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and will support more currencies in the future. HyperCard comes in both virtual and physical card versions, supporting both USD and EUR currencies, including UnionPay, Visa, and Mastercard.

HyperCard is a comprehensive consumption card that allows depositing with digital currencies and enables global payments. It can be used in over 176 countries and with over 50 million merchants globally. It's usable across various terminals including POS machines and ATMs. HyperCard also supports binding with third-party payment companies for secure and law-protected transactions.

HyperCard virtual cards have no geographical limitations and come with zero thresholds and zero annual fees. Users can apply for cards based on the features they need, such as USD virtual cards (BP428, PH485) for utilizing ChatGPT services or USD preferred cards and virtual cards (BP557) for Apple Pay binding.

HyperCard physical cards include Premium Physical Cards and Glory Gold Cards. Premium Physical Cards are available in both Visa and international UnionPay versions, suitable for users with high cash withdrawal needs, without spending or withdrawal limits, and with no upper limit on deposits. Glory Gold Cards are Mastercards, applicable for use in European regions, with no spending fees and instant deposits.

Furthermore, HyperPay will launch a cashback feature, where users unlocking the Hyper Rebate Card will receive a 2% cashback for each spending. By staking HW5 to increase the cashback level, users can enjoy up to 15% cashback. Additionally, users can receive daily contract transaction fee dividends based on their locked HW5 quantity, with users divided into six levels.

HyperPay Contract Features

The Futures contract account is a new account introduced in the HyperPay wallet specifically for perpetual contract trading. Users can transfer funds from their wallet account balance to the Futures account to participate in perpetual contract trading. Profits earned from perpetual contract trading can also be transferred back to the wallet account balance.

Key Features of HyperPay Futures:

  1. Massive Depth, Lightning Liquidation: Responds to trades in milliseconds with a volume in the tens of millions.

  2. Gradient Liquidation, Risk Sharing: Ensures users' account equity during extreme market conditions.

  3. Perpetual Long, Never Delivery: Low risk, steady profits, and contracts can be closed at any time.

  4. Fair Pricing, No Price Manipulation: Assets are anchored to market prices, eliminating price manipulation.

  5. Minimal Spread, Optimal Quotes: Minimal price slippage when opening positions at market price or placing limit orders, ensuring strict control over opening costs.

After introducing both cards and contracts, it's likely that everyone has their own ideas about how to promote them. So, let's return to the main topic: why is the agent mechanism said to potentially make agents wealthy? What are the specific rebate ratios for agents?

  1. Explanation of Agent Rebate Composition

After becoming an agent, users will receive rebate rewards for both direct and indirect referrals for card issuance, card deposits, and contract transactions (Chinese mainland users only receive rebate for direct referrals).

HyperCard Issuance Rebate Explanation

In simple terms, agents receive significantly increased promotional earnings for each card they promote, particularly with greater earnings from physical cards and noticeable enhancements in rebate earnings from virtual cards.

Here, "super excess earnings" refers to when the daily performance exceeds the target. On such days, all rebate orders will be rewarded based on the level of a Level 1 agent and will also receive additional rewards.

Note: Agent Rebates, users in mainland China and users who have not completed KYC can only enjoy the rebate rewards of direct friends.

HyperCard Deposit Rebate Explanation

Contract rebate Explanation

  1. Agent Rebate Distribution Rules Agent rebates are settled daily based on the performance that meets the corresponding task level criteria (UTC+8). If the criteria are not met, rebates will be settled based on the user's original level at the corresponding proportional rate. If the performance exceeds the target, each rebate will receive an additional super excess reward. In addition to the Level 1 rebate reward, contract trading fee rebates also offer an additional 2% fee rebate reward. The daily settlement time is executed uniformly according to the (UTC+8) standard, and settlements are based on the daily performance completion rate and the corresponding agent task level. rebates will be distributed on the T+1 day.

  2. Agent Promotion and Demotion Rules Using a monthly statistical cycle, the agent's latest agent level will be updated at 0:00 on the 1st day of each month. The agent's promotion to the next level is determined by whether they have met the monthly upgrade criteria based on their total performance from the previous month. If the criteria for a monthly upgrade are met, adjustments will be made according to the level standards starting from the following month. If the second-level target is achieved, the agent will be classified as a Level 2 agent; if the first-level target is achieved, the agent will be directly promoted to a Level 1 agent. Both promotion and demotion are updated based on the previous month's performance. A consecutive promotion of up to 2 levels or a consecutive demotion of up to 2 levels is possible. Level 3 agents will no longer experience demotion.

  3. After-sales Service By joining the HyperPay agent team, you will not only enjoy generous rebates but also receive comprehensive support to ensure your success in the market. We understand your needs and provide the following range of support measures:

Professional Support Team: Our 24-hour customer service team is available to address any after-sales issues you may encounter, ensuring the smooth progress of your business. You will receive efficient and professional support, leaving you with no worries.

Market Promotion Support: The HyperPay team will support your market promotion efforts, including providing promotional materials and planning promotional activities. We aim for you to stand out in the market and achieve significant results.

Long-Term Partnership: We value long-term partnerships with our agents and will assist you in building solid relationships with clients. Long-term collaboration brings more stable income and broader development opportunities.

HyperPay sincerely invites all partners to join our agent program. Here, you will discover endless opportunities and potential wealth. With your joint efforts, we believe that HyperPay's future will be even more brilliant. Become our agent and let's create a brighter future together!

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