The Tales of Bruh
February 25th, 2022

Tough Beginnings

Once upon a time, in Silicon Valley, a 12-year-old boy went on a crypto quest. He deployed a smart contract called Bruh onto the Ethereum blockchain and started marketing with a Google Site and a email domain 🤪. It looked exactly like a scam, but it was not. Good intentions, but a bad exterior. Weeks later, he started restructuring his entire token.

The “Restructuring”

A Google site changed to an actual domain ( and the email changed to Everything was doing well until the whitepaper was written and to say the truth, it was a train wreck. The whitepaper was littered with sentences such as, “To understand why Bruh is ERC-20, you first have to understand what ERC-20 is. ERC-20 was originally an idea made by Fabian Vogelsteller” and a mix of MLA and APA citations without any clear usage of outside data. The true restructuring came months later after a failed IDO that came too late and noticing all the errors, he basically messed up his whole token without knowing it.

The actual Restructuring

During the true restructuring, the website had a new UI, trading dashboard, and a new whitepaper was written with better explanations of his token. We now end at the part of the story which catches up with the present. There’s still a lot to be fixed during the restructuring, and more to come in terms of partnerships and the overall token itself. This is not the end, but a new beginning in the tales of Bruh.

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