Broken Bonds
April 20th, 2022

Leaving Tokpie and heading for safer passages

It was a chill Friday, I was developing and suddenly, a thought came to me. Tokpie, a leading exchange providing crypto trading and bounties, is unlicensed in the US. If I were to register Bruh with the IRS, then who knows what would happen. Now’s also the perfect time to leave as there were no investors on Tokpie and all the volume came from their volume service. After some thought and consultation, I sent the message to Tokpie with one simple focus: I want to voluntarily delist due to US regulations. A few hours later, Tokpie updated Bruh’s status on their exchange, and we made a post about the update (keep in mind we voluntarily delisted without Tokpie telling us anything). Once trading had closed, all ~65,001,001 tokens were withdrawn from Tokpie and trading service volume slowly died off. By the next day, all of Bruh’s price trackers have indicated us having either no price due to lack of volume or a flat chart depicting our lack of data from our exchanges. Now, as I’m writing this, we have applied to and contacted many staking services, fiat on-and-off ramps, and other token trackers to gain hype as we’re working on compliance and preparing to restore Bruh to its former shape, but this time, with volume coming from real investors. To end this, I have to restate a phrase that I have said many times before. This is ONLY the beginning.’s logo’s logo
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