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Despite claiming to be fully distributed, web3 is predominantly run in North American and European timezones. Those in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region face major geographic and timezone hurdles to participate within the web3 ecosystem. Working at 3am is simply unsustainable.

We want to change this.

We’re building your web3 home in APAC. DAO Under is a safe, inclusive space for all creators, participants, or keen learners to leave their mark on web3. We will help foster real connections both virtually and in-person. We aspire to be the best support group you could ever wish for.

Here is our not so secret masterplan:

🌼 Mid-2022: Genesis Membership NFT Launch

🌼 End-2022: ETHDownUnder (think ETHDenver, but Down Under 🐨)

Genesis Membership NFT holders will form our advisory board, helping craft future potential utility such as physical co-creation spaces, NFT art exhibitions, hacker houses, and an investment DAO. Additionally, you’ll also receive exclusive benefits at ETHDownUnder - the biggest web3 conference in the southern hemisphere later this year.

You can keep up with DAOUnder on Twitter

Our vision of the co-creation spaces:

A community-curated art gallery
A community-curated art gallery
Co-working desks to encourage collaboration
Co-working desks to encourage collaboration
An open atrium for events and casual catchups
An open atrium for events and casual catchups

DAOUnder is an APAC-based web3 community. We are empowering creators, participants and keen learners in the region to leave their mark on web3. Keep up with our future announcements and news on Twitter

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