What is Block Emperors?

Let’s build this together!!

Block Emperors wants to be a decentralized, community-driven, play-to-earn game universe filled with fictional Emperors and their armies where we can train and fight wars against other players. This game universe will run on Roblox, so the community can create items and earn rewards for this. Also, players can collect our favourites Emperors and armies' NFTs, which can be used as Avatars, pictures on social networks, and others.


Block Emperors Token ($BED)

Block Emperors Dinars (BED) are governance tokens for the Block Emperor community. BED holders will be able to participate in governance decisions (votes). Players can earn $BED on tournaments, creating and adding items to the game and through additional contributions to the community. Earnings from the game will be distributed to the token holders. Our goal is to create a DAO that will be the owner of the game.

4 Editions
Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.

DAO members

Every token and NFT holder will make part of the DAO that will be created within the first 6 months after finishing the current NFT Genesis collection mint.

Game Monetization - (DAO earnings)

Our idea is that all cash earned through Robux earnings will be distributed among the DAO members, creating a passive income for the DAO.


You can find our whitepaper on https://whitepaper.blockemperors.com