Publishing to two webs
Nick Lewis
December 3rd, 2021

Recently I have been exploring blockchain and cryptocurrency, there is a lot I can write up on, so the best place for that is to publish it on but what if I were to publish this on the Ethereum blockchain? I will come back to this in just a moment.

My writing process, in fact my entire work-related process at some point involves writing it all down. The process of writing helps you formulate your ideas with greater solidity than just, thinking to yourself, "I will remember that for later". If you are lucky to be blessed with an amazing memory, then I envy that, mine isn't what it used to be, I do remember odd things but a lot of the time some important stuff, well, how do I put this, it conveniently falls into the darker recesses of my mind shall we say. That memory then lies somewhere amongst the others that suddenly bolt to the top in the middle of the night for no reason at all disturbing my sleep and my entire family!

Nowadays this writing process starts in Obsidian, all of it pretty much and I use a tagging system (which I may or may not write about another day) that helps me bring those ideas to the surface. If only we could do that with our brains!

My process now is to write it all down in Obsidian because it helps me make connections with other notes, ideas, anecdotes or even highlights I've gathered from other online sources. Tools like Readwise, which is another topic I shall cover, are fantastic and there is an Obsidian plugin that allows you to import them automatically. These notes can then be gathered and dropped into a markdown file under my project but also they can be added to my new writing spot on the blockchain,

So consider the following two domains:

The same article published on two very different versions of what we know as the Web. I am going to continue with this adventure of replication, mainly because it is all at the end of the day one massive experiment.

The second domain is not particularly memorable. I guess what we have here is something much like the IP addresses of old which DNS was invented for to make it easier to find our way around the web. However ENS is something I shall be looking into potentially to link with my Ethereum token which is the 0xD7eA5A42B69e7f955C5236841827260D8AD81567 you see above. Arguably you could send me some ETH by pasting this into your Wallet app and doing so. I won't stop you! Back to the topic of this post however...

This particular post, no matter where you have come across it has been published on what we consider as being the web, the other, on the Blockchain.

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