Uqbar Weekly Rollup (20230306)

Aloha, welcome to Uqbar’s weekly rollup. Every Monday we’ll provide you with exciting updates on everything Uqbar: dev reports, media mentions, and general happenings around the Urbit ecosystem.

Media and News


Uqbar found itself at Eth Denver and was warmly received. ~hocwyn-tipwex, Uqbar cofounder and director of technical outreach, joined VP of Product at Tlon, Marisa Rowland, for a fireside chat with Autonomous Ecologies entitled Urbit Demystified.

The next place you’ll find Uqbar is at the Volcano Summit assuming you signed up.


%pongo has goerli and zig payments via messaging! The dream of a decentralized WeChat is approaching reality. Other apps pongo boasts or soon will: %pokur, a wallet, and QR code integration via %handshake.

Urbit at Large


~hanfel-dovned released %board and it was immediately a hit. %board is an implementation of Robin Sloan’s Spring ‘83 specification , a principled rejection of Javascript, timelines, and inboxes in favor of a “newspaper classifieds section” experience. And it’s fun. People right away began pushing the envelope on the currently-allowed CSS types, creating not just visually interesting boards but apps as well! Download: |install ~dister-hanfel-dovned %board


~mastyr-bottec built Stripe integration into Urbit in less than a day!

Uqbar Network: Developer and Operations Updates

Another busy week for the Uqbar team—check out some of their accomplishments:


~sillus-mallus has much to report:

  • Fix: test-steps from file have accurate naming

  • ship/chain states now have labels

  • ship/chain states now on separate top level tabs

  • New: load ship/chain state views from file on project open

  • Fix: dupe state view fetches / fetching always on 0 views

  • Fix: input fields smaller at smaller screen sizes

  • Fix: null/none expectations in test results should not display

  • Fix: new file opens up to a custom template depending on type


~fabnev-hinmur put Uqbar token sends into Pongo


~hosted-fornet did bug fixes for the %ziggurat IDE alpha

Recommended Reading & Listening


Following his success with %board, ~hanfel-dovned explains why Urbit needs fun and why fun needs Urbit.


~poldec-tonteg has also boarded the %blog train. Read Designing for Low Fidelity.


That’s it for this week. Be sure to follow everyone and everything listed in this week’s rollup.

Also, drop by our Twitter to learn when Uqbar’s Office Hours will be. And remember that Urbit’s On-nomi (Happy Hour) every Thursday at 1830 Eastern at the Urbit Hacker House on Gather Town.

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Until next time!

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