Uqbar Weekly Rollup (20230403)

Aloha, welcome to Uqbar’s weekly rollup. Every Monday we’ll provide you with exciting updates on everything Uqbar: dev reports, media mentions, and general happenings around the Urbit ecosystem.

Media and News


Uqbar officially releases %pongo, our own chat app that offers a telegram-like mobile experience but also has a desktop version. Included in the p2p chat app are in-chat crypto payments, reacts, polls, and more! Read about it here or check out the twitter announcement.

Urbit at Large


~tocrex-holpen announces “Invisible Networks 2023”. You must figure this one out for yourself.

|install ~tocrex-holpen %inet2023

join ~tocrex-holpen/invisible-networks-2023

April Fool’s brought a couple of bangers


A Holium impostor and satirist “submitted a game-changing pull request to the #Urbit Core project that will revolutionize the way developers interact with the Nock VM.” Make sure to check out “Nock Kelvin 3”.

Lucky 13.
Lucky 13.


And paldev did the ol’ “buy a pixel for a dollar” grift, updated to use $U (deep lore) which, unsurprisingly, isn’t ‘working at the moment’. If you didn’t understand any of that, feel free to ask questions.

How much for SNEED?
How much for SNEED?

Uqbar Network: Developer and Operations Updates

Another busy week for the Uqbar team—check out some of their accomplishments:



  • social graph, nectar updates with SSS upgrades

  • pongo SSS release, working on using social graph

  • optimistic receipts for all token sends (between ships)



  • Added Polls to Pongo

  • More bug fixes + improvements

  • Started on a frontend for the new %screed app



  • converted ziggurat to use the new desks architecture

  • started converting tests to threads (basically we're making everything more general so you can have as many desks to work on as you need in the IDE)

  • added literal sparkles to the UI tips



  • completed the line db prototype (testing will likely begin this week)



  • Uqbar’s AMM is pretty much ready, continuing to tweak ahead of the launch


Evan Fisher explains the thesis behind Portal Ventures’ investments in Urbit.


A review of Urbit that says it is a “vanity project” without an actual problem to solve. O tempora, o mores!


Lane Rettig recounts “A Month Well-Traveled” including a trip to Eth Denver and Urbit’s Volcano Summit in El Salvador.


That’s it for this week. Be sure to follow everyone and everything listed in this week’s rollup.

And remember that Urbit’s On-nomi (Happy Hour) every Thursday at 1830 Eastern at the Urbit Hacker House on Gather Town.

If you’re on Urbit, join our group at:


Download the %pongo app from here. Once it’s installed, DM ~habsul-rignyr for access to Pongo General.

If you’re NOT on Urbit, amend your living. We can help you with that: find us on Discord (preferred) or Telegram.

Until next time!

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