Uqbar Weekly Rollup (20230410)

Aloha, welcome to Uqbar’s weekly rollup. Every Monday we’ll provide you with exciting updates on everything Uqbar: dev reports, media mentions, and general happenings around the Urbit ecosystem.

Media and News


A new edition of The Network Age pocast dropped! On this extra special episode, the boys (including OG host ~timluc-miptev) are joined by Jake Brukhman (~ranter-tapper), the founder and CEO of Coinfund, as well as an engineer, technologist, investor, and cosmonaut exploring the frontiers of AI. The crew discusses the creation of Jargon, a Chat GPT pseudolanguage, which Jake used to build a personal AI Spanish teacher, and the implications of recent AI development. In particular, they focus on AI's implications for privacy, the intersection of AI and Web3 (including crypto as a force of decentralization), and the many types of doom that could be facing us. All this, plus how to use Chat GPT to optimize your personal life, the role of AI in education, the coming marriage between Urbit and AI, and whether interacting with AI is a religious experience. Don't miss it.


Our Community Manager, ~habsul-rignyr, will be talking about Urbit on a Twitter Space entitled “From Nation-State to Network State”. It’s hosted by XianyangCB and the good people of DAObi and takes place at 9pm EST on April 12.

Habsul regarded as too distractingly handsome to picture.
Habsul regarded as too distractingly handsome to picture.

Around Urbit


Dachus’ apprentice ~foddur-hodler brings export to %blog. To export your files, go to your dojo and type :blog|export

The greatest blog in history reduced to markdown.
The greatest blog in history reduced to markdown.


TF on “Urbit, Virtualized Empires, and Democratic Technics”.


AJ LaMarc on The Crazy Wisdom Podcast talks about Old vs. New Internet and more.


Owen Barnes’ talk from the Volcano Summit is online.

Uqbar Network: Developer and Operations Updates

Another busy week for the Uqbar team—check out some of their accomplishments:



  • integrated solid-state subscriptions with linedb; it is nearly ready to try in other projects



  • Released a big performance improvement for Pongo

  • Updated the react-native-api library to use the latest SSE subscription improvement



  • converted the UI front-end from test-steps to threads; the UI now lets you create and edit threads or you can just edit them as files if you are a power user



  • worked on DAO contracts called %orgs


That’s it for this week. Be sure to follow everyone and everything listed in this week’s rollup.

And remember that Urbit’s On-nomi (Happy Hour) every Thursday at 1830 Eastern at the Urbit Hacker House on Gather Town.

If you’re on Urbit, join our group at:


Download the %pongo app from here. Once it’s installed, DM ~habsul-rignyr for access to Pongo General.

If you’re NOT on Urbit, amend your living. We can help you with that: find us on Discord (preferred) or Telegram.

Until next time!

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