Uqbar Weekly Rollup (20230327)

Aloha, welcome to Uqbar’s weekly rollup. Every Monday we’ll provide you with exciting updates on everything Uqbar: dev reports, media mentions, and general happenings around the Urbit ecosystem.

Media and News


The latest edition of The Network Age is out. On this extra special episode, the boys are joined by Shad (~narpel-machul), the GP of Giga Corp, a crypto marketing and investment firm, to discuss liquid lobbying (using capital allocation to direct the positive development of public goods in Web3), blockchain conferences, and how to tell a real DAO from a fake one. The squad also dives deep on Urbit culture, the untapped potential of being cool in crypto, and the accelerating fusion of lifestyle with technology. All this plus diarrhea, fighting on a volcano, crypto breakfasts in Kyiv, and frontier favelas. Don't miss it.

Urbit at Large


The Urbit network is growing.



HoliumCorp introduces some Dev Tools.


Uqbar Dev Updates


~dachus-tiprel is starting a massive update to %blog called %screed, meant to be a Google Docs replacement, with in-line comments, version controlled files, and group blogs; the eventual goal is to have it also used for code version control.


~fabnev-hinmur made more Pongo improvements, specifically:

  • Added an emoji picker

  • Fixed image uploading

  • Added markdown for italic (*), bold (**), and code (`)

  • Lots of bug fixes


~hodzod-walrus released %social-graph. Read the accompanying blog post here. He also worked on %nectar and Uqbar wallet.



  • Refactored %ziggurat project state

  • Added tools to help users not install dev desks

  • Began work on replacing test-steps with threads

This week has brought a lot of much-deserved hype around GPT4, and Urbiters have also found exciting ways to use it:


Jake Brukhman built Jargon, an LLM-based pseudolanguage for prompt engineering.


Zorp figured out that GPT and Urbit are tailor-made for one another and the potential is pretty amazing. Read about GPT evaluating Nock or what can be built using Urbit primitives.


~bichul-ritsen explains how we used GPT to do show notes for The Network Age.


That’s it for this week. Be sure to follow everyone and everything listed in this week’s rollup.

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Until next time!

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