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September 10th, 2022

Author: MetaCat

As of the date of this article, the construction rate of Cryptovoxels is 63.2%, which means that nearly two-thirds of the land in Cryptovoxels has been built (the invalid data of Andromeda island that has just been issued and Test island that not for sold have been removed). If you are still worried about where to play in Cryptovoxels, the suggestions mentioned in this article must be good guides!


When we enter the homepage of CV, you will find that more than half of the pages are “Recent womps”. Recent womps is a collection of photos taken by users. Each womp has scenic spot pictures, location, photographers, photographing time, and the number of visitors of the building at the photographing time.

Some players spontaneously click “take womp” when they encounter interesting buildings, decorations, avatars, etc. when they visit the CV world. When other players see them, they can choose to visit. Some organizers also encourage participants to “take womp” when holding activities, so sometimes we can see the whole homepage being swiped by an activity, as players, we can’t help but see what fun activities are being held in this popular building. Of course, sometimes womps are the spontaneous photos taken by the landlords during the construction / decoration, so as to attract more visitors to the building.

No matter who the photographers of womps are, it is undeniable that these womps are a very excellent guide to take you to play in Cryptovoxels.

Featured Builders

MetaCat Website**collects excellent buildings **according to the caliber of the builder / landlord / activity theme. At present, there are 25 collections at home and abroad (as shown in the figure below), such as the first Uttermelon and the second Fabioema in the 2021 Holiday Build Contest, and the excellent builders MetaEstate, Ponlaiidesign, MetaLandscape, etc. it is still increasing… One click on the building card can enter the CV world to visit.

If you think that the guidance of womps is random, I believe that this special page can give you guidance for different feelings! Go and experience it.


Space itself is a free space provided by CV official for players. Without purchasing Virtual Real Estate, you can create a space of specific area and height according to your own needs. The disadvantage of space is that there are no parcel coordinates here, so you can’t come from the CV official map, and womps won’t be displayed on the homepage for everyone to see. Players in space can’t see each other and can’t be communicated.

Although it is a space for free creation and has the inherent shortcomings mentioned above, once some excellent spaces are launched, they have been praised by many twitter friends and CV official. These spaces are no less ornamental and interactive than the buildings in the CV map. Metacat has selected some representative works. For details, click here.

In addition to the above several spaces, MetaCat conducted statistical analysis on all CV space data, and finally found that up to now, 1337 spaces have been built, which MetaCat has summarized into the Notion(click here) and opened the editing permission for your reference and update. If you’re curious about what everyone has built in space, click the link to explore!

The Traffic Heatmap

The traffic heatmap is to count which regions and parcels are the most active in a period from the data level. It is developed by MetaCat. The map must be necessary for metaverse investment and play!

The specific description is as follows:

(1) Time dimension: on the page of traffic heat map, you can arbitrarily choose to view the traffic distribution of the last 7 days, the last 30 days and the whole time period. And you can choose to view it in full screen for a better experience.

(2) Geographical dimension: you can scroll and drag the map with the mouse, or use the “+ -” icon on the left to enlarge or shrink the map to view the map under different geographical dimensions such as islands, suburbs and parcels.

The parcel details card contains a variety of information:

(1) Display the island, suburb where the parcel is located and parcel name.

(2) According to the selected time dimension, the traffic of the parcel in the last 7 days / the last 30 days / the whole time period is displayed.

(3) ETH and USD amount of the latest sale.

(4) The parcel picture is from the latest womp. If there is no womp, the default is MetaCat logo.

(5) Click the Opensea icon to jump to the Opensea page of the parcel.

(6) Click other places on the card to enter the parcel in Cryptovoxels to visit.

Keyword search

If you know the name of the parcel you want to go, you can search the name. At present, you can use this function in websites such as CV official website or Metacat official website.

Enter directly from the link according to the parcel id

If you know the id of the parcel you want to go, such as 5701, enter the link then you can see the parcel details page and click “visit” to visit. If you want to enter other parcels, you only need to replace “5701” in the above link.

The construction in CV is going on every day. We are constantly exploring. We look forward to more excellent buildings. I hope this article can provide some help for you to play Cryptovoxels.

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